Utah Law Enforcement Teams With Zombies To Send Anti-DUI Message

But what is surprising is how they’ll be going about it, and who they have enlisted to help. According to a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune, law enforcement is teaming up with a group called “Zombies Against Drunk Driving” to deliver their safety message in memorable and Halloween-themed manner. And yes, ZADD is apparently a real group.

Police say that campaigns to reduce drunk driving in recent years seem to be paying off. Utah had 217 traffic fatalities last year, and just 20 were related to alcohol impairment. However, Halloween continues to be a dangerous time. The Utah Highway Patrol says that over a 10-year period, 34 people have died around the Halloween holiday.

Commenting on upcoming enforcement efforts, a UHP sergeant noted that “It’s a great holiday for trick-or-treating and for adults to socialize at costume parties . . . But it can turn deadly or tragic because someone [drove under the influence].”

The police-zombie collaboration apparently consists of both groups being present at local bars and other public areas in order to spread the anti-drunk-driving safety message in a lead-up to the holiday. Other law enforcement efforts will include a series of DUI checkpoints on and around Halloween. These checkpoints will presumably result in some drug charges as well as drunk-driving arrests. 

Whether or not you’re scared of zombies, the roads will be more dangerous in the coming days. This includes legal dangers as well as dangers related to car accidents. If you plan to celebrate Halloween with alcohol or drugs, please do so safely by arranging for sober transportation in advance. 

Source: Salt Lake Tribune, “Zombies to scare you out of drinking and driving,” Michael McFall, Oct. 23, 2013