Advertisements Blur The Line Between Consent And Rape

The bar has a sign up that says “Rendezvous Whisky…I like my women like I like my whiskey..ready to pass out!” That type of message is one that makes it easy for anyone to think that casual sex, whether wanted or not, is acceptable.

While the business did apologize for the sign, it is a reminder of how widely accepted pushing the limits sexually has become. The line between what is acceptable and what isn’t has been getting more and more blurry. For people who are confused about what is acceptable and what isn’t, incidences like this one likely won’t help them to make decisions that can keep them out of trouble.

The director of the Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault says that alcohol consumption is commonly associated with date rape situations. For some, that means that if a person has been drinking, you don’t make any sexual advances. For others, a drunk encounter is mutually agreeable. That line, however, is one of the ones that is blurry, so people can sometimes find themselves in legal trouble for an encounter they considered mutually agreeable.

In those cases, working to defend yourself against the charges can prove to be difficult. Knowing the laws regarding consent might help you to determine how to defend yourself against the charges.

Source:, “Park City Bar Under Fire For So-Called ‘Rape Promoting’ Sign” Jul. 24, 2014