Change In Venue Requested In Utah Object Rape Case

The man is facing charges for forcible sodomy and object rape in a case revolving around allegations made by an 18-year-old female. In his case, the prosecution and the defense both agree that he needs a change of venue, but the judge is refusing to grant a motion for that at this point. The judge did agree to continue the man’s trial so that the prosecutor can investigate the issue.

The man’s trial was slated to start on July 28, but a private newspaper’s article regarding the case is what is causing the hold up. The article contained facts about the case, which led to the change in venue request.

So far in this man’s case, some charges have been dropped. Two counts of forcible sexual abuse and one count of object rape were dismissed in July of last year. The man still faces one count of forcible sodomy and two counts of object rape. All of his current charges are first-degree felonies.

This man will be back in court on Aug. 27. His right to a fair trial must be honored, but the judge has opted to allow more time to investigate the issues. As the time for his new court appearance comes closer, this man should work to understand his rights under Utah laws.

Source: Daily Herald, “Rape trial pushed back for fourth time” Paige Fieldsted, Jul. 18, 2014