Know Your Rights And Potential Consequences Of Utah Drug Charges

We know that things happen sometimes that you didn’t expect. We are familiar with defending people who are facing drug charges. We know that circumstances vary in cases. What works for a juvenile defendant might not work for an adult. We also know that the type of drug you were alleged to have had and the amount can all be used to impose harsh sentences.

One way that Utah is unique when it comes to drug crimes is that Utah can try to take your driver’s license if you are accused of drug charges. Even if you weren’t in a vehicle at the time of your arrest, your driving privileges can still be affected. We understand that that this is a huge inconvenience. In the case of someone who drives a vehicle for work, losing a license can be devastating.

Seeking assistance as soon as possible after being accused of a drug crime can help you to learn your rights. The prosecution starts to work on your case as soon as you are arrested. Don’t hold off until the last minute to get your defense together. Scrutinizing evidence well in advance of your court date can help you to determine your course of action.