What Is Domestic Violence In Utah?

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence occurs when people who are family or live together get into an altercation. This means that members of the same household can have a domestic violence incident if one hits the other. It also means that a family member who strikes another family member might have committed domestic violence. Anyone who is in a relationship of any sort can be involved in a domestic violence incident. This means parents, children, homosexual or heterosexual partners, people who are dating and people who are married.

Are there different forms of domestic violence?

Yes, domestic violence can be in several forms. Physical abuse is the most commonly thought of form of domestic violence. This can include hitting, punching, shoving or any other violent confrontational method.

Emotional abuse is another possibility. This occurs when one person tries to make the other person feel worthless. Economic abuse is also possible. This means making the victim rely on the abuser for financial needs. Sexual abuse is also possible if one person forces the other to do sexual acts.

What happens when accusations of domestic violence are made?

A restraining order might be issued to keep the alleged abuser away from the victim. Criminal charges can also be filed against the alleged abuser. Because of the seriousness of these consequences, it is vital for anyone who is accused of domestic violence to understand how to exert his or her rights.

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