Prescription Drug Fraud Leads To Serious Consequences In Utah

People who face drug charges in Utah soon find out that prescription drug fraud isn’t really distinguished from other drug charges. Like all drug offenses, Utah views prescription drug fraud as a very serious crime. We want to help you fight against those charges. We understand that you were just trying to care of medical needs.

Whether you are facing charges for prescription drug fraud or for having narcotics, we can help you determine how to proceed with a defense. The sooner you act to get your defense strategy together, the more time you will have to prepare. You likely don’t want criminal charges hanging over your head, so you should act quickly to ensure that we can get the charges resolved as fast as possible.

In some cases, you might be able to have your case heard in the mental health court or in drug court. Those options might be preferable over having to go through the criminal justice court. We can help you to understand those options and to determine if you are a candidate for either program.