Sexual Assault Cases In The Juvenile Justice System

While it isn’t known exactly what percentage of juvenile sexual abuse victims go on to abuse others, it is known that ignoring the underlying issue isn’t going to make it go away. Instead, a juvenile who was sexually abused and goes on to sexually abuse others needs intensive help. Getting help from a therapist who is familiar with the intricacies of sexual abuse in juveniles can sometimes help the juvenile.

In some cases, the need to sexually abuse other children comes from the lack of self control or the desire for power. It might happen if the child feels stressed or vulnerable. Learning about these triggers can help the child learn how to use appropriate coping mechanisms.

Having a child in the juvenile justice system for sex-related crimes isn’t easy for any parent. The parent’s desire to help the child goes far beyond the need to punish the child for inappropriate actions. Ensuring that your child has proper representation throughout the sex-related charge juvenile justice process can help you to decide how to handle certain decisions. It can also help you and your child to fully understand the available options.

Source: Utah’s Child and Family Services Adoption Connection, “Sexual Abuse” accessed Jan. 29, 2015