What Are Prostitution And Solicitation In Utah?

What is prostitution?

Prostitution occurs when someone has a sexual relationship with someone for payment. In some cases, an actual sexual act isn’t required. According to the Utah Criminal Code, someone who loiters or is in the view of a public place with the intention of being hired for sexual purposes is committing the crime of prostitution.

How is prostitution classified?

A simple prostitution charge is a misdemeanor; however, some prostitution charges can be classified as felony crimes. If a child is involved in the prostitution, the crime is a first-degree felony. Testing positive for HIV and offering yourself as a prostitute will also classify prostitution as a felony. In that case, it is a third-degree felony charge.

What is solicitation of prostitution?

Solicitation of prostitution is a crime that the person who will pay for the act of prostitution can be charged with. As is the case with prostitution, it doesn’t matter if the sexual act actually occurs. Instead, solicitation of prostitution occurs as soon as a person agrees to pay for sex.

Offering a suitable defense against prostitution charges is vital if you plan to fight against the charges. Knowing the laws surrounding prostitution can be difficult, so you might opt to work with someone familiar with these sex-related crimes to help you decide how to handle your defense.

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