Fight Prescription Drug Fraud Charges In Utah

Utah has very serious consequences for drug offenses. Prescription drug fraud is one of the charges that falls under that umbrella. If you have been charged with that crime, you need to have firm representation that can help you to present your side of the story. We can help you stand firm against those charges.

There are some cases that will be eligible to be tried in drug court. When that occurs, you will likely be able to avoid jail time. The same is true if your case is eligible for the mental health court. Our firm will do everything we can do to get your case into one of those courts if you qualify for them.

Even if you are being charged with other drug crimes, such as Internet drug sales, drug possession charges on a misdemeanor or felony level, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation or illegal distribution of a controlled substance, we can help you to present your side of the story. No matter what has happened that led to your charges, we can work with you to help you explore your options for dealing with your case.