Does A Felony Conviction Bar Me From Getting A Passport?

Can I get a passport with a felony conviction?

Some people with a felony conviction will be able to get a passport. There are a few considerations that can affect your ability to get a passport if you have a felony on your record. If you were convicted of international drug trafficking, you are barred from getting a passport. Other drug convictions can also bar you from being able to get a passport.

Can I travel everywhere if I am able to get a passport?

No, you might not be able to go to certain countries. Some countries don’t permit felons to enter. A passport is nothing more than an official record of your ability to come back into the United States and a form of photo identification.

If you enjoy international travel or have to travel for work, you can see how much the inability to have a passport can affect you. Because of that, you should work to fight against any felony charges that are placed against you. This can require an in-depth knowledge of criminal codes and defense strategies.

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