Plea Bargain Results In Downgraded Charge For Man

The man in this case was charged with forcible sexual assault. The man agreed to plead guilty to lewdness with prior offense, which was a lesser charge than the original one. The plea deal stipulated that he would spend 30 days in jail at a minimum.

The judge presiding over the case ended up issuing a continuance for the case citing the need for the man to have a psycho-sexual evaluation. Since he had a previous conviction for lewdness, the judge wants to determine if this is an isolated event or if the man has a larger problem. The judge said that information would affect sentencing.

This man had two prior incidents, but only one of which was handled in a criminal court. The criminal conviction was in 1994. The second incident was in 2006 when he lost his chiropractor’s license because of a sexual relationship with one of his patients. He got his license back three years later. In the most recent case, he was accused of grabbing a woman’s breasts and buttocks during an October 2014 examination.

As you can see, the downgraded charge in this case was a big difference from the original charge. While not all plea bargains work that way, defendants might consider plea deals as a way to get serious charges downgraded.

Source: Standard Examiner, “Former chiropractor’s sentencing for lewdness delayed,” Andreas Rivera, May. 27, 2015