Pimping And Pandering Are Illegal In Utah

When it comes to sex-related crimes, some people think about actions that involve having sex with an unwilling person, such as rape. While those types of sex crimes are some of the most common, there is another type of sex crime that a person might face that involves people who are willingly engaging in sexual activities. Those charges are for pimping and pandering.

The sex industry, which includes prostitution and solicitation, is often spearheaded by pimps. These individuals are the ones who bring the prostitutes to locations where they can solicit. They are the ones who solicit money from prostitutes, encourage people to enter into prostitution and advertise sex-related services.

In all 50 states, including Utah, it is illegal for anyone to encourage a person to work in the sex industry. Even in neighboring Nevada, it is illegal to entice a person into the sex industry, even though prostitution is legal.

There are differences that are notable between pimping and pandering. Pimping occurs when a person benefits off the prostitute’s sex services. There must be a specific intent to reap the benefits of the prostitute’s sex services. This means that a landlord who has a prostitute as a tenant isn’t pimping if he isn’t aware that she is a prostitute.

Pandering occurs when a person entices someone to work in the sex industry. The effort must be intentional and must encourage, promote or facilitate prostitution.

Pimping and pandering are very serious felony charges that can result in a prison sentence. If you are facing charges for pimping or pandering, you should work to understand different defense strategies that might prove useful in your case.