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Facts About The Juvenile Justice System

When many people hear the term "juvenile justice system," they think of children who are acting horribly. That isn't the case. Some people might be shocked to learn some basic facts about the juvenile justice system. First is that the goal of the juvenile justice system is to help the juvenile learn to become a productive member of society. Because juveniles are children, the juvenile justice… Read more

Forcible Sexual Abuse Charges Require Legal Representation

In our last blog post, we discussed the case in which a judge recused himself from a case involving a nurse accused of forcibly raping a patient. The judge discovered that there were issues with interrogation that led to him signing the arrest warrant. That case proves a very important point -- if you are facing charges in Utah for sex crimes, you need firm representation to help you through your case. One… Read more

Sex Abuse Case Warrant Concern Leads To Judge's Recusal In Utah

When someone is accused of a crime, he or she sometimes is subjected to seemingly endless hours of interrogation. The results of those interrogations are sometimes questionable, which can profoundly affect a case. In a recent case in Utah, the persistence of a defense attorney seems to be making some headway in a defendant's case. The case in question involves a former nurse who has been charged with… Read more

What Are The Plea Options In Utah Criminal Cases?

We recently discussed different classifications of criminal charges have a big impact on the penalties and consequences of the charges. There is another factor that can also play a big part in how criminal cases in Utah are handled. That factor is the kind of plea a person enters when they are charged with a crime. What are the plea options in Utah? There are five plea options recognized in… Read more

What Are The Effects Of Criminal Charge Classification In Utah?

We have covered a variety of crimes on this blog, including misdemeanor charges and very serious felony charges. There are some marked differences in how charges of each of these classifications are handled. Our Utah readers might like to know about how the classification of a criminal charge can affect various aspects of the case. Do all defendants have to go to a trial? Generally, people… Read more

Survey Says: Utah Drug Crime Penalities Are Too Harsh

Many of our readers know that Utah has very harsh laws when it comes to drug use and possession. Just last week, we discussed how serious prescription fraud charges can be. While it is true that drug use and possession are problems, it seems as though many Utah voters feel that the penalties for drug crimes are not where they should be. A recent poll of 551 people who are registered as voters… Read more

Fight Prescription Drug Fraud Charges In Utah

When you are in pain or have another medical issue, the need to take medications to get relief is sometimes overwhelming. If a person can't get to the doctor or has a doctor who refuses to give prescriptions that will remedy the issues, the person might decide to seek medications for another way. That, however, can lead to criminal charges in Utah. If you are prescription shopping or forging prescriptions,… Read more

Mentoring Might Help Some Juveniles In Utah

In our post last week, we discussed juvenile offenders who are accused of sex-related offenses. Those juveniles, as well as others, might benefit more from treatment and services instead of simply being sentenced to punishment measures. One of the programs that is sometimes used is mentoring. Our Utah readers might be interested in learning a little bit about this type of treatment option. The… Read more

Sexual Assault Charges In The Utah Juvenile System

Last week, we discussed how some children who are victims of sexual assault eventually become the attacker in a sexual assault. Sadly, that means that children who are already dealing with so much because they were victims are now having to deal with the juvenile justice system because of repeating a vicious cycle. At that time, it is important for juveniles to have someone on their side who can work… Read more

Sexual Assault Cases In The Juvenile Justice System

We have often discussed how juveniles have unique needs when it comes to the justice system. As many of our readers know, the juvenile justice system is based on the need to help children learn how to make better choices instead of only punishing the child. One area that is particularly difficult in the juvenile justice system, as well as the family law system, is dealing with juveniles who were sexually… Read more