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Does A Felony Conviction Bar Me From Getting A Passport?

In the prior blog post, we discussed some of the consequences of a felony conviction. One of the consequences you might not think about is how a felony conviction can affect your right to travel. You might realize that your travel might be limited if you are on probation or parole; however, even after that you might find travel difficult because a criminal history can affect your right to get a passport… Read more

Possible Consequences Of A Felony Conviction

Being convicted of a felony means that you might lose some of the privileges you have as a citizen of the United States. The consequences of a felony are so serious that fighting against the charged placed against you is worth considering. The penalties for being convicted of a felony often depend on the prison sentence or possible imprisonment term. For example, if you are convicted of a crime… Read more

What Are The Plea Options In Utah Criminal Cases?

We recently discussed different classifications of criminal charges have a big impact on the penalties and consequences of the charges. There is another factor that can also play a big part in how criminal cases in Utah are handled. That factor is the kind of plea a person enters when they are charged with a crime. What are the plea options in Utah? There are five plea options recognized in… Read more

What Are The Effects Of Criminal Charge Classification In Utah?

We have covered a variety of crimes on this blog, including misdemeanor charges and very serious felony charges. There are some marked differences in how charges of each of these classifications are handled. Our Utah readers might like to know about how the classification of a criminal charge can affect various aspects of the case. Do all defendants have to go to a trial? Generally, people… Read more

Calls For Justice Reform, Criminal Defense Important

Anyone who has been involved in the criminal justice system has probably thought at least once about how unfair the system is. Some people have probably come to the conclusion that the criminal justice system tends to affect minorities at a disproportionate rate. Our Utah readers who have had that thought might find it surprising that Charles Koch's chief counsel agrees. Koch has added criminal justice… Read more

How Are Criminal Charges Classified In Utah?

We have covered a lot of criminal cases that involve a host of crimes and circumstances. Those posts might have some of our readers wondering how criminal charges are classified in Utah. Of course, most people know that there are two main types of charges: felony and misdemeanor. What some of our readers might not realize is that those two classifications are only the tip of the criminal justice system… Read more

Utah Teen Faces Assault Charge In Adult Court

Facing any criminal charge is a horrible feeling for almost any defendant. Knowing that you face serious consequences often makes the stress level rise as the case moves through the court system. Now, imagine how it must feel for a 16-year-old child to go through the court system for murder charges. That teen likely has to be very scared. For one Utah teen, a conviction on murdering his younger brothers… Read more

What Is Domestic Violence In Utah?

There is almost no feeling worse than being accused of hurting someone you love. Sadly, there are some people who do accuse their loved ones of domestic violence. Our Utah readers might be interested in learning some specifics about domestic violence. What is domestic violence? Domestic violence occurs when people who are family or live together get into an altercation. This means that members… Read more

Utah Man Faces Charges After Interesting Events Unfold

Have you ever wondered how you can be blamed for the actions of another person? As odd of a question as that is, it is one that some defendants might ask themselves when they face the criminal justice system. Yes, everyone makes mistakes. In some cases, those mistakes aren't only because of something you did. They can be the result of your reaction to something someone else did. Think about that as… Read more

What's The Difference Between Levels Of Criminal Charges In Utah?

Being charged with a crime in Utah comes with a lot of questions. Understanding some of the basic information regarding the criminal justice system can help you to understand your charges, as well as the potential consequences. All criminal offenses in Utah fall under one of three categories: infractions, misdemeanors and felonies. While there is only one class of infractions, there are multiple classes… Read more