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Utah Man Faces Charges For Alleged Explosive Plot

When people make allegations regarding bombs, law enforcement officials take those allegations seriously. A concerned citizen told a police department in Utah that a man had buried bombs in the city and said he would blow up a group doing Bible study. That allegation was found to be untrue. Tremonton police officers did, however, discover that the man allegedly wanted to kill two police officers… Read more

Mountain Man Pleaded Guilty To 11 Charges, 1 Federal And 10 State

Living off of the land isn't easy, but that is how one man spent the better part of seven years. Most people in Utah have heard about the "Mountain Man" who lived in the southern and central portions of the state. He would spend his winters using cabins that were snowbound. During the summers, he would go deep into the woods while cabin owners used their cabins. The Mountain Man just received… Read more

Utah Man Pleads Guilty To 2 Charges, Faces Up To 5 Years On Each

There are some instances in which the actions of someone can have a serious impact on others. In a recent Utah case, a man's actions have landed him in hot water with the law. Those same actions also necessitated a large store be evacuated. On March 28, a Utah State Prison inmate who was on a work detail at the Wasatch High School walked off the work site. After doing that, the man made what… Read more

Murder Charge Comes Almost A Year After Utah Man Was Killed

Having a roommate can sometimes be a test of patience, especially when you and that roommate also work together. The recent arrest of a man who lived with his boss might have some Utah residents wondering what might have really happened on a fateful day in July of 2013. The younger roommate allegedly killed the older roommate, who he says was his boss. According to the man's autopsy, he died… Read more

Utah Mother Faces Charges For Deaths Of 6 Newborns

By now, everyone has probably heard at least a little bit about the Utah woman who allegedly killed newborn babies shortly after she gave birth to them. This case is one that proves that criminal defense can often be very complicated. The woman's estranged husband found one of the bodies in a cardboard box as he was cleaning out the garage of a home that couple once shared. He notified police… Read more

Utah Men Sentenced In Drug-Related Shooting

When people get involved with drugs, they will sometimes do things that wouldn't normally be in their nature. A recent conviction of two men in Utah is another example of how drugs can end up being a slippery slope into other activities that have serious consequences. The men were sentenced on charges related to a fatal shooting. The shooting occurred on Nov. 19 when the two men met up with… Read more

Americans Seek Alternatives To Prison For Non-Violent Drug Crimes

The United States is shifting dramatically in its response to illegal drug use and the prosecution of drug crimes. Our post last week focused on the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to make available a prescription drug that can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. At the state level, Utah and other states have passed or considered laws that make it legally safe for drug users to call… Read more

Emergency Drug For Opioid Overdose Now Available By Prescription

In the last couple months, we have written about legislation being considered by Utah lawmakers that could save lives in the event of a potentially fatal drug overdose. Utah is one of many states considering adopting what are commonly called “Good Samaritan” laws. Currently, when friends are using illegal drugs together and one overdoses, others may be hesitant to call 911 or take them to a… Read more

Utah Lawmakers Consider Controversial DNA Collection Bill

One of the most basic and important tenets of our legal system is the idea that every accused individual should be considered innocent until proven guilty. There are many criminal justice policies and practices that stem from this original idea. But Utah legislators are considering a bill that some believe is a violation of that principle. If passed, the legislation would allow law enforcement… Read more

U.S. Supreme Court Rules On Important Fourth Amendment Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has long insisted that Americans have the greatest legal expectation of privacy when they are in their homes. Home has been treated like a sacred place in the Court’s history. As a result, the government is rarely allowed access to a citizen’s home without first meeting very specific and tailored requirements. When law enforcement officers or agencies access a criminal… Read more