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New Crime-Predicting Technology Introduced In Utah

The American criminal justice system is meant to operate under the assumption that all persons are innocent until proven guilty. When individuals are accused of committing criminal activity, they may hire an experienced criminal defense attorney or one will be appointed for them. It is within this system of due process that the accused are meant to either be found guilty or released from accusations. Unfortunately,… Read more

How To Behave At DUI Checkpoints This Weekend

Police departments all across the state will be increasing drunk and drugged driving enforcement efforts in Utah this Labor Day weekend. Because of this, it is important for all Utah motorists to understand what is and is not considered appropriate behavior when they are stopped at a driving under the influence (DUI) checkpoint. Even if you are not drunk or in danger of being cited for drug possession… Read more

Study Results Suggest Eyewitness Memory Can Be Highly Inaccurate

Two of the most important questions in any criminal case are: What evidence do prosecutors have and how reliable is it? The answer to the second question largely depends on when it was asked. It used to be the case that eyewitness testimony was as good as gold when it came to securing a criminal conviction. It was pretty hard to mount a solid criminal defense against a witness who had supposedly… Read more