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Juvenile Crimes: Methods For Handing Underage Crimes

When children get into trouble, they often want to turn to their parents for help. When the trouble they get into results in criminal charges, the parents might be questioning how they can help. The truth of the matter is that the parents can help their child even if the criminal matter is being heard in the juvenile court system. Because of this, Utah parents should be aware of how the juvenile justice… Read more

Utah Juvenile Justice Requires A Team Approach

Learning that your child is facing juvenile charges for any reason is like taking a punch to the gut. It is something that you probably don't expect and something that you probably don't want to have to go through. As a parent, you likely want to stick by your child as they go through the juvenile court system. For juvenile crimes, such as truancy or theft, it is likely that your child will… Read more

Facebook Fight Leads To Real Fight For 2 Utah Teen Girls

An argument that started on Facebook ended up in an altercation at a St. George, Utah, park on Aug. 14. An 18-year-old St. George girl is now facing felony charges for her role in the incident, and a 15-year-old will be dealing with the consequences of her alleged actions in juvenile court. The 18-year-old was charged with third-degree rioting causing serious bodily injury. She is also facing… Read more

Utah Teen Gets Plea Deal For 2 Murder Charges

It isn't always easy to make the right decisions when you are a teenager. Between hormones and peer pressure, teens sometimes do things that they wouldn't otherwise do. In some cases, these bad decisions don't cause any lasting problems, but in other cases, the choices teens make can have a lasting effect. Sadly, one Utah teen has discovered this the hard way. The 16-year-old boy recently pleaded… Read more

3 Teens In Trouble After Scuffle With Police In Salt Lake City

Teenagers tend to be a bit rambunctous by nature. Sometimes, in an effort to impress their peers or fit in with friends, they push boundaries or bend rules. While it may be harmless in some settings, in others, it can land them in serious trouble -- and police are not always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Consider the situation that three Salt Lake City teens are in. All three,… Read more

Substance-Abuse Treatment May Be Best Response To Juvenile Crime

Here in Utah as in other states, minors charged with a crime are often treated differently by the criminal justice system than adults are. Courts generally respond to juvenile crime by focusing more on rehabilitation and less on simple punishment. Unfortunately, some juvenile offenders end up in court again and again because they did not receive the help they needed to get back on track and… Read more

Juvenile Suspects Especially Vulnerable During Interrogation

Most of us would like to think that we would never confess to a crime we didn't commit. Unfortunately, however, your resolve might not be as strong during intense and abusive interrogation. False and coerced confessions are more common than most people realize. An article in the Wall Street Journal highlights the fact that juveniles are especially likely to give false confessions, sometimes… Read more