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Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

Can an 18-21 year old be adjudicated in juvenile court instead of adult court?  Yes, as long as that 18-21 year old committed an offense while she was still a juvenile.  Utah Code § 78A-6-103 states:  Why is this important?  Because no one ever wants to be in the adult court system, especially when one is facing severe penalties that are mandated in child sex offenses.  For example, a person under… Read more

Can Juvenile Records Be Expunged?

When a young person goes through the juvenile justice system, there is often a question about whether the file can be expunged. Many parents want to know the answer to this question because of the effects that a juvenile justice record can have on the child's future. What does expungement do? An expungement seals the records of the juvenile. It doesn't do away with the record. Instead, it means that… Read more