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Change In Venue Requested In Utah Object Rape Case

Everyone who is accused of a crime has the right to a fair trial. Part of having a fair trial is ensuring that the jury pool available isn't predisposed to an opinion in the case. For one man who is accused of sex crimes, trying to get a fair trial is turning into a big debacle. The man is facing charges for forcible sodomy and object rape in a case revolving around allegations made by an 18-year-old… Read more

Advertisements Blur The Line Between Consent And Rape

With the culture of promiscuity that abounds in the country, it isn't any surprise that some people feel that sexual escapades are warranted. It seems as though businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of promoting unwanted sexual encounters. A Utah bar is among those that is making it easy for people to think of unwanted sexual advances as acceptable. The bar has a sign up that says "Rendezvous… Read more

Utah Man Facing Murder Charges Found Guilty Of Molesting Daughter

A former Utah doctor who may already be facing life behind bars for the 2007 murder of his wife has now been found guilty of second-degree felony forcible sexual abuse. He was accused of sexually assaulting his adult daughter soon after this wife’s death. The 58-year-old man was convicted in November of murder and obstructing justice. The sexual assault victim, who had not been publicly named,… Read more

Utah Teacher's Attorney Attempts To Get Rape Charges Dismissed

A 34-year-old Utah teacher who is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student has been charged with three first-degree felony rape counts. Her attorney is asking for those charges to be dismissed. The attorney asserts that although she was the boy's teacher, the state didn't prove that she had the ability to influence him in an undue manner. He claims that the student was the aggressor,… Read more

Teen Charged With Sex Crime Committed By Someone With Same Name

We live in puzzling times; particularly when it comes to matters of governance, privacy and individual rights. On one hand, Americans have learned in the past year that the National Security Agency has the capacity and the authority to essentially spy on nearly any U.S. citizen or foreign leader. On the other hand, local and state law enforcement agencies seemingly don’t have the resources or… Read more

How Do Prosecutors Respond When Selfies Constitute Child Porn?

Widespread use of the internet has certainly made the dissemination of child pornography a much more difficult problem for law enforcement agencies. Illegal photos can now be distributed much more quickly and much more globally than ever before. But widespread internet use generally and social media specifically have also created another problem related to child pornography: how to respond to… Read more

The Conundrum Of Prosecuting Children For Child Sex Crimes

Last week, we wrote about some of the more surprising offenses that could cause individuals to be classified as sex offenders. Certain laws in Utah and around the country really challenge the traditional stereotypes about sex offenders and force us to question whether sex crimes legislation sometimes goes too far. Not all sex offenders are adults who prey on children. In fact, some sex offenders… Read more

What Exactly Makes Someone A Sex Offender? You May Be Surprised

There is a common image that comes to mind when most people hear the term "sex offender." Most assume that all sex offenders are lecherous male pedophiles who prey on young children. Because of this stereotype and laws surrounding sex offender registries, individuals convicted of sex crimes may suffer non-criminal consequences for years after their sentence is served. But it is important to… Read more