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Being Investigated For A Child Sex Crime Or Rape?

Even though law enforcement will inform you that you do not need an attorney at this stage, they are WRONG!  This is one of the most important phases of the case.   I have seen it again and again.  Clients call me after they are charged and in jail.  It is possible to stop charges from being filed in some cases and to stay out of jail without bail in many cases. It is important to call a qualified… Read more

The Conundrum Of Prosecuting Children For Child Sex Crimes

Last week, we wrote about some of the more surprising offenses that could cause individuals to be classified as sex offenders. Certain laws in Utah and around the country really challenge the traditional stereotypes about sex offenders and force us to question whether sex crimes legislation sometimes goes too far. Not all sex offenders are adults who prey on children. In fact, some sex offenders… Read more