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Sexual Assault, Lewdness And The Differences In Charges

We have discussed some of the positive points of plea bargains in our last two posts. If you recall, last week we discussed the case of a man who was able to use a plea bargain to reduce sexual assault charges down to lewdness charges. That post might have brought up questions about the difference between the two charges. Sexual assault is a very serious crime that often requires registration… Read more

Plea Bargain Results In Downgraded Charge For Man

As we discussed last week, the vast majority of criminal cases are resolved through the plea bargain process. Plea bargains have a variety of positives for both the prosecution and the defense. A recent story from here in Utah involving a former chiropractor sheds light on how this process can help defendants. The man in this case was charged with forcible sexual assault. The man agreed to plead… Read more

Sexual Assault Cases Are Often Complex And Emotional

As we discussed in our previous blog post, sexual assault is a very serious crime that has some very serious penalties. We understand how frustrating and frightening having to defend yourself against sexual assault charges can be simply because of the nature of the charges. When it comes to sexual assault cases, there are often only two people who really know what happened -- you and the person… Read more

What Are Some Points I Should Know About Sexual Assault?

Being accused of sexual assault is something that is very serious. If you recall, there has been some recent upheaval about the false allegations published in Rolling Stone magazine about rape and sexual assault at a university. That story brought up some good points about false allegations. It might also have brought up some questions about sex crimes that need to be answered. What is sexual… Read more

Sexual Assault Charges In The Utah Juvenile System

Last week, we discussed how some children who are victims of sexual assault eventually become the attacker in a sexual assault. Sadly, that means that children who are already dealing with so much because they were victims are now having to deal with the juvenile justice system because of repeating a vicious cycle. At that time, it is important for juveniles to have someone on their side who can work… Read more

Sexual Assault Cases In The Juvenile Justice System

We have often discussed how juveniles have unique needs when it comes to the justice system. As many of our readers know, the juvenile justice system is based on the need to help children learn how to make better choices instead of only punishing the child. One area that is particularly difficult in the juvenile justice system, as well as the family law system, is dealing with juveniles who were sexually… Read more

What Are Rape And Sexual Assault?

Being accused of sexual assault is something that might make you shake your head because you just don't know what you did that wasn't right. The problem with our society as a whole is that people are beginning to get very touchy about certain things, and one of those is sexual assault. While crimes like rape are obviously wrong, there are other instances in which you might be accused of a sex crime… Read more

Utah Bus Driver Charged With 23 Sex-Related Charges

Being accused of a crime and knowing that you are innocent is hard for anyone. When the accusation includes allegations of inappropriate contact with a child, the difficulty of the situation is exponentially magnified. For one former Utah bus driver, those allegations are causing him pain. The 61-year-old man is accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl over the span of a few months. He is facing… Read more

Utah Cable Installer Faces Allegations Of Sexual Exploitation

Making a decision between doing something that is right and something that is wrong is sometimes difficult because the line between the two isn't exactly easy to see. When it comes to activities of a sexual nature, there are several factors that can affect whether pursuing a sexual encounter is right or wrong. The time and place of the encounter have to be considered, as does the age of the other person… Read more

Rape And Other Charges Dropped In Utah Youth Home Case

For people facing serious criminal charges, such as allegations of sex crimes, proving innocence can sometimes be difficult. There are times when the court proceedings seem to drag on without any resolution to the charges at hand. For one Utah man, more than five months have elapsed since he was initially charged with crimes he says he didn't commit. Now, the case has finally been resolved. In… Read more