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Kidnapping Charges Are Often Related To Other Crimes

We have discussed a variety of criminal charges on this blog. One that we haven’t discussed is kidnapping. In some cases, kidnapping is a charge that someone faces in connection with other crimes, such as sex-related crimes. A while back, we discussed the case of the man who held a woman against her will for […] Read more

Sex-Related Charges Involving Minors Require Immediate Action

Any sex-related crime against a child is serious. Society as a whole looks down on people who are convicted of these types of crimes. Think about all the stories of adults molesting children or being in possession of child pornography and it is easy to see the negative association with these charges. We know that […] Read more

Child Pornography Charges Must Be Taken Seriously

Child pornography is a crime that is becoming more common since the Internet has made photos and similar materials more readily available. It is important for everyone to know that just because something is available on the Internet doesn’t mean that it is legal to possess. In the case of child pornography, a person who […] Read more

Sexual Assault, Lewdness And The Differences In Charges

We have discussed some of the positive points of plea bargains in our last two posts. If you recall, last week we discussed the case of a man who was able to use a plea bargain to reduce sexual assault charges down to lewdness charges. That post might have brought up questions about the difference […] Read more

Plea Bargain Results In Downgraded Charge For Man

As we discussed last week, the vast majority of criminal cases are resolved through the plea bargain process. Plea bargains have a variety of positives for both the prosecution and the defense. A recent story from here in Utah involving a former chiropractor sheds light on how this process can help defendants. The man in […] Read more

What Are Some Positive Points To Plea Bargaining?

Some defendants who are facing charges, including drug charges, might find out that they are being offered a plea deal. There are several points that defendants might appreciate when it comes to the plea bargaining process. Understanding these positive points might help you decide if you want to consider the plea bargain. Can a plea […] Read more

Does A Felony Conviction Bar Me From Getting A Passport?

In the prior blog post, we discussed some of the consequences of a felony conviction. One of the consequences you might not think about is how a felony conviction can affect your right to travel. You might realize that your travel might be limited if you are on probation or parole; however, even after that […] Read more

Possible Consequences Of A Felony Conviction

Being convicted of a felony means that you might lose some of the privileges you have as a citizen of the United States. The consequences of a felony are so serious that fighting against the charged placed against you is worth considering. The penalties for being convicted of a felony often depend on the prison […] Read more

Firm And Focused Representation Are Necessary For Juveniles

When a juvenile is charged with a crime, the juvenile isn’t the only person who is affected. Instead, a juvenile charge can affect the entire family. Even some friends might be affected by the juvenile charges. With that in mind, many parents find it necessary to help the juvenile with a defense. Oftentimes, the juveniles […] Read more

Boot Camp Might Help Troubled Teens Learn How To Behave

Finding out that your child is in the juvenile justice system is a scary discovery. For some parents, that is a wake-up call of sorts that helps them realize their child needs help. One option that some parents might be interested in for troubled teens is a boot camp program. These programs can help teens […] Read more