Susanne Gustin is skilled and well respected Utah  criminal defense attorney. For over three decades Susanne Gustin has provided exemplary service and sound legal advice to clients. Below, are reviews and testimonials from former client regarding their experience with Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law.

While reviews and testimonials do not guarantee particular results, the information below is indicative to the character and work ethic of Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law.

Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law proudly defends clients charged with all criminal offenses, including domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual assault, and other serious offenses throughout the State of Utah.

With an office centrally located in Salt Lake City, Susanne Gustin is always prepared to provide competent, compassionate, and strong legal assistance in Salt Lake City, Alta, Syracuse, Sandy, Taylorsville, Holladay, and surrounding cities in Salt Lake and Davis Counties.

Contact Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law at (801) 243-2814 or submit an online form for a confidential consultation.

Google Reviews

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It was obvious in the courtroom that both the judge and prosecutor respected her very much.

by Jermain

Just over 2 years ago, I was charged with two counts of raping a child which supposedly happened in the 1980’s. While in shock and disbelief, I searched for the est attorney for these charges and Susanne Gustin seemed to be the best fit. Living in the Midwest, my life was totally dependent on Susanne Gustin. She did not disappoint! She worked diligently for 2 years and battled the prosecutor in many hearings. After many hearings and briefs filed in my case, last week my case was dismissed. Instead of facing 50 years or life in prison, I can enjoy not only Thanksgiving but the rest of my life! My wife and I are so happy! This girl is a firecracker in the courtroom and doesn’t miss a thing. She stayed in close contact with me and returned calls, texts and emails within hours if not immediately. It was obvious in the courtroom that both the judge and prosecutor respected her very much. Best money I have ever spent. May God bless Susanne for saving my life!!!

by Roger

My gratitude for her is without measure.

by Jermain

You have a choice in who represents you. Susanne is the right one.

There is much to be said about Susanne Gustin, however I will try to keep my review concise.

Susanne’s handling of my case was done so with unrivaled professionalism and my best interest always in mind. She helped me better understand the intricacies of the courtroom, and exactly what would happen next throughout the entire trial process. She always kept my mind at ease and answered all my questions honestly and thoroughly, even if they were not the answers I wanted to hear.

When I did not understand what was going on, Susanne seemed to instinctively turn to me and explain the situation, breaking through the legal jargon that can sometimes befuddle the layperson.

She was not afraid to ask hard questions or give her professional opinion when necessary, but was consistent in her professional manner and tone.

Occasionally, during court proceedings and especially at my trial, I watched the State’s attorneys “showboat” in an attempt to excite the jury and create an overinflated picture of their libretto. Susanne never resorted to this or other sensationalistic tactics; her strength as a formidable attorney enough to make solid arguments resonate. Her questions to witnesses both on direct as well as cross examination were always relevant.

She collaborated with colleagues to make sure she looked at my case from all angles. Not once was there ever a sign of an inflated ego, unlike many attorneys I have come to know. Every word spoken by Susanne was, and is, genuine.
The amount of research done and time spent building my case is unfathomable to me. My gratitude for her is without measure. If anyone should have a question about retaining Susanne Gustin as their attorney, I offer them this piece of advice; No case is guaranteed to win or lose in court, however having Susanne as your legal counsel is an opportunity I highly advise you to not let pass you by.

by David

Unbelievably Amazing Counsel

by Jermain

Susanne was fantastic! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a lawyer that really does all she can for you. She is very professional and organized. She was able to get a serious charge dropped for me.

Your FIRST Call Should Be Susanne!

Once I realized I needed an attorney I called Susanne and she answered the first time I called. Her expert advice and experience made my ordeal with the criminal justice system conclude in a positive outcome. Through my association I understand Miranda better, and just because one is innocent, don’t make a statement to the police without an attorney. I read her bio and reviews, and I read at least a dozen or more criminal lawyers reviews. It was simple…experience. The gravity of the situation dictated that I had to trust an attorney who I believed knew what they were doing. After talking with her and communicating early on, I believed I made the right choice. I made payment arrangements within my budget and in a timely manner. She answered my questions quickly, kept me informed and worked to have the case declined. I am so glad I made the call. I highly recommend Susanne.


Great Lawyer- Amazing Woman

Posted by Kayla

Susanne was absolutely incredible! I’ve never needed legal counsel before and I was scared to death, but Susanne put my fears to rest and was there for every step of the process. Not only did she alleviate my fears but she did it with the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend her and her team. While I hope I never need legal counsel again, I know who to call if I ever do! Thank you Susanne!

Extremely Competent Lawyer

Posted by Gerald

When our granddaughter found herself in a very difficult situation and accused of assault, Susanne was able to get her sentence greatly reduced and she was able to avoid prison. Susanne is very competent and professional and is dedicated to getting the best outcome for her client. From the very beginning she encouraged us that she could help our granddaughter and she did. We were able to reach her and get our questions answered. She is very experienced and has earned the respect of the prosecutors. She is an excellent attorney and we strongly recommend her to help a person get their life back on track.

Absolutely amazed

Posted by Shayne

I was facing a mandatory sentence. 3 priors, facing assault charges, was pretty skeptical about any lawyer, however, susanne gustin worked a miracle, plea an obeyence, 12 mnths probation. The moment she walked into the courtroom she was well respected by prosecutors. And the Judge! ! I must admit. I was expecting the worst. And ended up with the best possible outcome!! I would recommend her to anyone!! Absolutely amazing. 100% professional. This woman cares about people!! Hard to find in an attorney 5 STARS!!!!!!!

Awesome lawyer

Posted by A Person

Ms. Gustin Was Amazing and helpful on our case. When We needed the best help we could get, She was very helpful !!! Thank You very much !

Amazing attorney

Posted by Levi

Susanna did an amazing job and saved me my job. So grateful for what she has done for me

Excellent lawyer

Posted by R S

Thank you Susanne! Professionally handled an accusation and ensured I was taken care of.

Well respected attorney

Posted by Joe D

Susanne is amazing! She’s extremely well-connected and respected among the legal community in Utah. I had a complicated and nuanced case. She was able to help navigate the system and negotiate an outcome that I did not think was possible. Worth every penny and I can’t thank her enough.

Outstanding criminal defense attorney

Posted by Angel

Very kind and honest attorney. She really knows her stuff and never gives up. Only attorney in Utah with the most experience in getting casses dropped.

Highly recommend, she rocks! Saved our lives!

Posted by Dustin M

Great experience working with Susanne! She was always very quick to respond to any issues or problems I had. I almost always got a response within the same day and usually within an hour or two. She is a good negotiator and helped me get my charges lowered and expunged.

Saved My Life

Posted by Jim L

Very trying experience that Susanne made easy to handle.

Blessed No DOUBT

Posted by Canthan TM

Susanne is the absolute best, handled my case with absolute professionalism. Constantly in contact and answers her phone every time I called! And made me comfortable I made the right choice In my attorney from the moment we first spoke!

There are not words to express our graditude for Susanne Gustin

Posted by Jeremiah

I made some dumb choices and ended up facing 6months of prison time. Susanne was able to work out a plea deal that would drop the charges if I could show that I had turned my life around. She definitely made a difference, and i am glad I could use her legal knowledge.

Heart Plus Chops

Posted by Carla

Susanne is amazing! She communicates promptly and is very knowledgeable and clear in her assessment of the situation. It is very obvious that she has a good rapport with judges and other attorneys, which I believe is essential. She was able to initially obtain a fair, reasonable outcome – plea in abeyance – for my son. She then successfully requested and obtained an early termination of the plea in abeyance. Having an excellent attorney makes all the difference in the world. Susanne is great to work with. We would highly recommend her!!

Best Lawyer in the State

Posted by Bryan K

Before being paid, Susanne dug into my case and got every detail she could before starting. Highly recommended for any legal reason you need to be dealt with!

Amazing Attorney!

Posted by JennR

Susanne was awesome! She kept me informed about my case and did everything she could to get me the best possible outcome. I am so happy I called her.

Above and Beyond

Posted by Sam R

She was great. She kept me updated she let me know all possible outcomes good and bad. Well worth the money spent, great attorney ! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my case thanks to her. 5 stars. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

Best of the Best!

Posted by Rachel H

Great great attorney. Highly recommended and whatever you case is or your situation, Susanne will have the best solution for you. You can’t go wrong with her. The most amazing thing is that she really cares about you no matter who you are. If you are in Utah, this is the best attorney you can get.

Susanne is fantastic!

Posted by John A

Susanne was amazing, she gave me a free consultation that helped to give me peace of mind and really helped me out. She is very professional and compassionate.

Susanne Gustin Saved My Life

Posted by Mike C

I was referred to Suzanne by some friends who know her and her reputation as an excellent lawyer. My college aged son was charged with some very serious charges including a 3rd degree felony. This was my first time dealing with criminal charges and I was unfamiliar with the criminal court process. I was a nervous wreck fearing the worst possible outcome (jail or prison time for my son). Suzanne explained the court process, answered all of my questions and really helped ease my anxiety about the situation. Suzanne would always answer my phone call or text if possible and respond promptly if not. Suzanne negotiated with the prosecutor and ultimately got a plea in abeyance for the felony charge and all other charges dropped. It was an outcome far better than I had expected or hoped for! Thank you Suzanne! If you ever find yourself in need of a criminal defense lawyer I would highly recommend Suzanne Gustin.


You have a choice in who represents you. Susanne is the right one.

Posted by L.P.

Susanne is personable, approachable and a constant professional. Our family had been living through the most difficult, stressful nightmare for a years time. Susanne made herself available to us through our inexperience with the system. She answered all of our questions and made us feel at ease. She is extremely knowledgeable of the way the system works, the good and bad. We appreciate her confidence and abilities. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney!! She truly believed in us, good people can recognize other good people. She is a good person as well as a great lawyer!

Awesome attorney

Posted by Alex

Awesome attorney! Can’t say enough about how much she rocks. Found myself in a bit of a predicament with the law and Susanne was there for me every step of the way. Got off basically unscathed.

Highly recommended!

Legal Support with a Personal Touch

Posted by Richardo

Professionalism at its finest, kept me informed every step of the way. Very honest and predictable about the possible outcomes. Will definitely recommend Susanne Gustin to anyone who is trouble with the judicial system.

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Google+ Reviews

Posted by Austin

Highly recommend she helped me get rid of my domestic violence charge and keep my record clean. She also was very responsive with text messages and phone calls. Very easy to get a hold of anytime.

Posted by Happy Client

Susanne Gustin is an advocate for the innocent. She is true Angel and a Godsend.
My husband was wrongfully accused of inappropriate behavior with a minor. This was a more serious charge because the accusation occurred on an airplane, becoming a federal matter.
Susanne saw that my husband was an upstanding, law abiding citizen, and would never do the things that a single stranger accused him of. When she heard our story, she was extremely passionate to our cause. Susanne promised us that she would do everything in her power to make sure this matter was resolved. She did exactly as promised; the complaint was quickly dismissed, and never made it to trial. She was by our side throughout the entire process. She even continues on today to make sure the information is truthful and accurate with the media.

I highly recommend Susanne for her legal services. She is honest and aggressive (actually a pit bull in heels, with the right amount of finesse and sincerity). Susanne is highly educated and extremely competent in legal matters; she thoroughly understands the law and the court system. My family has complete faith and confidence in her, as she had our lives and our future in her hands. My favorite quote to the local news media to describe Susanne, “I don’t understand how you do what you do, but thank God that you do, because there are innocent people out there.” My husband and I are forever truly grateful to her.

Posted by Lyndell

Best attorney ever.

Posted by Cynthia

Susanne is a confident, competent, tenacious, intelligent, to-the-point, and all-around excellent lawyer. She will fight to give her clients their best possible legal outcome. She treats family members as team members, even from afar, communicates clearly, listens, advocates, and acts decisively. I highly recommend her for great results and your own peace of mind.

Posted by Jason F

I could not have found a better attorney than Susanne. She was an excellent communicator, putting my worries at ease. And extremely effective in the courtroom. My partner and I were facing multiple misdemeanor charges related to a domestic dispute. Susanne was able to negotiate a plea bargain deal with the prosecutor so that after paying a small fee and short probationary period the infractions will be sealed. Thank you so much Susanne for everything. Well worth the extra cost. Which in my opinion is very minimal considering the major impacts this may have caused to our lives, both personally and professionally.

Posted by Extremely Happy

Susanne is professional, easy to work with, and the hardest working attorney I’ve ever known. She provided so much peace of mind for my family and I while wewere going through this terrible time in our lives. Susanne proved that she will work for the best results possible and do everything she can to help you in your time of need. She answered all my questions and is extremely knowledgeable of the way the system works! I highly recommend her! She is a great person and a great attorney!

Posted by KC K

Susanne was easy to talk to and was very responsive to all of my inquiries. I was very pleased with the level of service she provided and highly recommend her. I know I will be contacting her in the future should I ever require representation. Thanks a million!!!

Posted by Justin D

Always willing to go the extra mile to make sure her clients are happy. I am glad i picked Susanne for help with my case.

Posted by Eli R

Susanne was great to work with! Helpful, sharp and was there for me until no longer needed. If you are looking for a great attorney, you have found her!

Posted by Karlene J

Susanne literally saved my brothers life. He had a very difficult case and because of her knowledge and great experience he will be a free man. She believed in him and was very straight forward from the beginning with what he was dealing with. I would highly recommend susanne and am so grateful for her.

Posted by Christopher S

I found myself in a situation that I never thought would happen to me. I was terrified for my future and unsure, but luckily I chose the right attorney. Susanne was a perfect combination of compassion toward my situation and aggression to get my name cleared. She was strait forward about what needed to plan for and what I could do. Thankfully things cleared up and I can rest easy knowing that my life is no longer in jeopardy. I would recommend Susanne to anyone.

Posted by Adam K

Susanne literally saved my life!! I had a situation that had come up and she did her best to get me in the best outcome possible! I was very pleased and happy with the outcome! If I had a question or was worried she would answer any of my questions and told me not to worry. She is the best lawyer out there by far! If it wasn’t for her I don’t know what would’ve happened! She’s with you every step of the way!

Posted by Christopher

I found myself in a situation that I never thought would happen to me. I was terrified for my future and unsure, but luckily I chose the right attorney. Susanne was a perfect combination of compassion toward my situation and aggression to get my name cleared. She was strait forward about what needed to plan for and what I could do. Thankfully things cleared up and I can rest easy knowing that my life is no longer in jeopardy. I would recommend Susanne to anyone.

Posted by Adam B

I was recently involved in a single vehicle accident which I was extremely lucky to walk away from. I had no cell service and there was no property damage so I decided to walk the short distance home and deal with my car the following morning. However, I was taken by surprise when I contacted the police. Since I didn’t call them at the scene they decided to issue me a citation for leaving the scene of an accident, which is a class B misdemeanor in the state of Utah.

I was a mess for several weeks following the accident as I was dealing with my insurance company, worried about the charges brought against me and trying to find the right attorney.

When I initially contacted Susanne she took me under her wing and treated me with the utmost professionalism. She gathered all of the relevant information for my case and reassured me that everything was going to be alright. Up until my court date I was still under a lot of stress and assuming the worst could happen. Susanne was able to sit down with the prosecutor and work out a deal within a matter of minutes. The judge accepted the terms without hesitation and I felt a huge weight lifted off my chest.

I am forever grateful to Susanne Gustin and would recommend her to anyone who has found themselves in a less than ideal situation with the law. Her years of experience, strong working relationships with the prosecutors and unparalleled commitment to her clients has earned her a great reputation as a defense attorney.

Thanks again, Susanne! I can move on with my life because of you.

Posted by Anonymous

Susanne Gustin is the best lawyer in the state of Utah. She is very intelligent, smart and an aggressive lawyer. She gets the best results for her client. She treats all her cases very personal and delivers the best outcome. I recommend her STRONGLY!!!

Posted by gb

Nothing bad can be said about Susanne. She is a stellar attorney who during our final proceedings even managed to get a chuckle out of the courtroom, including the judge and prosecution. During my few and brief opportunities to observe her in practice it was clear she is well respected in her field. I highly recommend her to anyone who is nervous about answering criminal charges. Five stars.

Posted by Frank

Susanne did an amazing job! She was able to recommend the best course of action from start to finish and was always quick to respond. Highly recommended to have in your corner!

Posted by Janice K

If you are looking for excellent representation, Susanne Gustin is the one you should choose. She went above and beyond to help us plead our case; with an excellent outcome! Thank you again Susan!

Posted by S G

I appreciate for the hard work you have done
You’re Definitely a great lawyer and you always were there for us from the beginning till the end thank you so much again

Posted by Brandon B

Susanne was just what I needed when I was down on my luck. She was able to give me the comfort and representation I needed. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking council.

Posted by Brianna

Very lucky to have had Susanne as my lawyer. I had 3 different cases that she worked with me on involving 2 MIP’s, 2 marijuana charges, and a charge of obstruction of justice. Susanne was able to get me a plea in abeyance and my record will be clean thanks to her. Truly a miracle! Susanne is very easy to work with and always kept in contact with me. I know for a fact I would not have ended up with a deal remotely as good as the one I got with Susanne if I had hired another attorney. I have a lot of respect for her and she knows exactly how to handle situations that seem to be the end of the world. She was not only able to get an amazing deal with my cases but she has helped numerous people that I know and we are all very thankful for her. 🙂

Posted by Jamie and Trisa

Susanne Gustin is an excellent lawyer. She was able to stop the case against my son from going forward. She was there when I had questions and I felt like she really cared. I highly recommend her for any legal needs you may have. I will never be able to thanks her enough! She really is the best!

Posted by Arnold

Amazing lawyer. I would definitely use her again and definitely recommend her to anyone that’s in need of a good lawyer. Great job Susanne appreciate the help.

Posted by Elias

Susanne Gustin is the best lawyer I have ever been helped by. She has excellent experience in handling legal cases. With her intuition and experience I was able to resolve a case which got me out of a troubling situation. Without a doubt I recommend Susanne to anyone looking for a lawyer with experience.

Posted by Andy V

Susanne was the first to answer my call when facing an accusation. Having never experienced any legal trouble in the past, I was comforted when Susanne took the time to listen and explain my legal options over the phone. I hired her immediately and she went to work reaching out to the detective and prosecutor. Throughout this process, she encouraged me to follow up with her on a consistent basis. She worked very hard to get my case dismissed right in time for the holidays! Hiring Susanne was the best decision I could’ve made; she saved my professional/personal life by working to have my case rejected. She has brought a huge amount of relief to me and my family. I will recommend Susanne to anyone!

Posted by Soldier

Outstanding woman to have working with you. Susanne Gustin worked her hardest for me. And I have no doubt she has done for others.

Posted by Alexander

If and when you need a lawyer you want someone who is confident, knowledgeable, and quick to return your calls. Susanne Gustin is all of the above and more. When I called Susanne for help, she made me aware of the possible outcomes and left me feeling assured that my case would be handled seriously, which gave me peace of mind. I would highly suggest Susanne when you require council, she truly works for you.

Posted by Diana J

Outstanding Lawyer! Knowledgeable, experienced, persistent, honest, patience, kind and with amazing negotiating skills. I highly recommend her!

Posted by Christopher B

Susanne provides speedy service alongside with obtaining the best possible outcome for her clients. I was amazed and grateful for susanne’s very effective representation. You want Susanne on your team.

Posted by Colette

Suzanne returns calls and texts in a timely manner and seems to know that her clients are in a stressful situation. Not all attorneys treat you like a person and not just a chance to improve their statistics and pocketbooks. Thank you Susanne.

Posted by Toasted Mallow

Susanne eased my worries when I needed her services. When I thought that I was going to have years of hardship and large amounts of money to pay, she worked her hardest to act in my favor. She professionally worked my case to show my side of the of the story and to get me off on plea. I needed to hug her afterwords. I definitely recommend her for all your criminal court needs. It was at times hard to get full responses from her texts and emails when I asked multiple questions initially. Still highly recommend!

Posted by Larry Lyford

Took care of things quickly and in so thankfull that there are good people out there to help

Posted by L R

I had Susanne do some work for me and it was a great experience. She always answer my phone calls the same day I called every time. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Posted by Julie H

Susanne was amazing!!!!! My son was in a horrible situation! She knew exactly what to do to prove my son’s innocence! She cared about our situation and kept in constant contact with us until the case was dismissed. So thankful to her!

Posted by Billy

Works extremely hard for her clients. Got my case dismissed quickly. Susanne responses quickly to any calls, text or emails.

Posted by M R

Highly recommend. Susanne was able to keep my record clean.

Posted by S P

Susanne is great and understanding, she was always there for everything i needed and answered all the questions. Highly recommended if anyone can help that is her! Thank you for your help.

Posted by Rebecca

Ms. Gustin was extremely professional. She always answered my texts, emails and phone calls in a timely manner and calmed my nerves and told me what information that she knew in a truthful and calm manner. In the courtroom, I could tell that she was highly thought of by the other attorneys and the judge. I am so glad that I was directed by another attorney to hire Susanne Guston. I was very pleased with the results.

Posted by Audra

BEST ATTORNEY EVER! Susanne ultimately got my entire case dismissed. I would recommend hiring Susanne for any legal issues you may be having.

Posted by Narek

Amazing Attorney took care of my whole case while keeping me stress free thank you so much ! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Posted by Richard Ro

Susanne was amazing!!!!! My son was in a horrible situation! She knew exactly what to do to prove my son’s innocence! She cared about our situation and kept in constant contact with us until the case was dismissed. So thankful to her!

Posted by David James

sometimes fancy myself a wordsmith of sorts, however there is no expression capable of encompassing the magnitude of Susanne Gustin’s capabilities. Her tenacity, determination, and dedication to her clients is unrivaled.

She has the best interest of her clients at heart at all times, and it shows through every fiery step of the harrowing legal process. Her presence in the courtroom is powerful, her knowledge of the law is keen, and her passion for justice is unmistakable.

As the date of my own trial drew nearer, there were many days I felt paralyzed by fear. Susanne was able to help me understand my options and my rights, the possible consequences of accepting a plea versus moving forward with a trial, and what to expect as it all moved forward. Ultimately, witnessing her sheer aptitude helped quell the emotional upheaval I was experiencing.

On the final day of my trial, when the moment came that my verdict was read aloud, she was there to stand by my side and support me with her arm as my knees slightly buckled. “Not Guilty”, they read. “Not Guilty”.

Without pretense or use of fancy $10 words, quite plainly, Susanne saved my life.
Were she not on my defense team, I believe strongly that I would not be here to write this review right now. The wonderful thing is, because of her I’ll never have to know.

Nothing better can be said than that.

Now, if you want some run-of-the-mill attorney, hire someone else. Otherwise, call Susanne.
You can’t, after all, just stick a label on any old garment and call it Prada now, can you?

Posted by David

Susanne was professional and diligent throughout our whole ordeal. The outcome of the case was better than we hoped, Susanne was helpful and encouraging every step of the process.

Posted by Londyn

Susanne is tenacious, smart and dependable. She is definitely the best choice a person can make when hiring a defense attorney.

Posted by Mykail

She was there when you needed her and always answered your question. Definitely helped to calm our worries when things got crazy and explained everything so we knew what we needed to do. We highly recommend her!

Posted by Narek

Absolutely amazing Lawyer very helpful very easy to talk to she understood my case and helped me get through though times when I thought my life was over but SUSANNE GUSTIN GOT ME OUT CLEAN NO RECORD!!
I’m very thankful for her job and time!

Posted by QB

Great lawyer and she’s very nice would recommend to anyone!

Posted by Prescott

Professional and knowledgeable. Definitely one of the best and hardworking lawyers to have on your side in Salt Lake!

Posted by Ravi

Such a nice and honest attorney thank you Susanne you deserve 100 stars

Posted by Chikis

I recommend her to anyone I hired her an got me out of what I was accuse of she’s easy to work with you can reach her any time a her cell very awesome hella of a women she knows what she’s doing an how to deal with prosecutors

Posted by Corrina

My son was charged w/domestic violence, intoxication & strangulation. He & his wife had a party & things got out of hand. As a single parent I live in Seattle, Wa. I called several attorneys in Utah who all quoted an outrageous amount to be paid upfront. Susanne Gustin was willing to work out a payment plan & we did everything by phone which was very convenient for me. You just can’t find an attorney who will do that for you these days. All we had was our faith in God. We prayed constantly for Susanne and her team. She was very professional & always returned my & my son’s calls & worked w/my son. At the first preliminary hearing a curve ball was thrown at her but she handled it masterly. The second court she was able to work out a deal w/the prosecutor. A plea & abeyance. Basically my son plead guilty & got 18 months probation. He has to complete some classes & when the 18 months is up it will all be dismissed. I am so pleased of the outcome, she saved our lives! I highly recommend Susanne Gustin to represent you. I will refer my friends from Utah to her. Bless her heart & all those who work w/her. She rocks! Life is good. God is good!

Posted by Craig A

Susanne Gustin really helped me out with a difficult case. I admired her diligence & professionalism all the way through.

Posted by James Su

Susanne was very quick to respond, professional and courteous. I would recommend her to anyone.

Posted by AG

Susanne did great and she has some awesome shoes.

Posted by Barbara Morg

Suzanne has been so good to me. I would hire her again in the future if needed.

Posted by Craig Pickering

Did well she gets the job done. Is professional.

Posted by Rees Richards

I hired Susanne to help me with a situation I had and she has been nothing but patient, nice and soft spoken to me with my questions and my worries, but very aggressive and fought all the way to help me with my situation. I can’t thank her enough. 🙂

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Dex Reviews

Over the years many of my former clients have provided me wonderful reviews. On DexKnows I have a 5-star rating from reviewers. Below are just a few of the reviews I have received.

Click here to view all reviews on Dex Knows >>

The Best!

Stephen, 9/22/2015

Susanne saved my life from taking a turn for the worst. She was fast, aggressive, and worked hard for the best results. She was always professional and always quick to answer my questions! I could not believe how effective she was at getting me the best results possible. I would recommend her to anyone facing serious charges. Thank you so much for you amazing help Susanne!

Your future is in great hands when you hire Susanne

Tristen, 8/10/2015

Susanne is an incredible and aggressive attorney. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She is a very hard worker and knows how to get favorable results.She is very personable and approachable and is very quick to respond to any form of communication when you have questions and need advice. Susanne has that helped me in dealing with a possible court case that was being filed against me due to false charges. Susanne was able to completely shut down the case before it even reached the court due to her recognition and credibility and years of experience in Utah courts. If you need to go to Susanne for legal needs and advice, I can highly recommend her. She was able to prevent my life from taking a turn for the worst. I will now be able to continue progressing in my career and have more opportunities available in my life. Thanks to Susanne, I was able to have the weight of the situation I was in lifted off of my shoulders.Thank you Susanne!

Great service!

Chen, 5/28/2015

She helped me so much! Easy and fast. Definitely contacting her again if needed in the future. Thank you so much!

She’s Fantastic!


I cant tell you how thankful i am when it came to having to choose an attorney due to false accusations that my Ex girlfriend told a detective, I was scared because I’ve never had to deal with the police, but after i spoke to the detective, i immediately started to look for an attorney, and i saw Susanne Gustin, i called her and within the same day she responded, people she’s is one of the best attorneys in Utah for a reason she stopped the investigation from going further and i couldn’t be happier! She’s Fantastic!

Susanne is Awesome!


Due to depression and threatening suicide, my son ended up being in a situation where he was charged with two 3rd degree felonies. Never having been in a situation like this before, we were really scared and knew we needed the best attorney we could find. Susanne was recommended to us, and after searching online, it was obvious that she was the one we needed. She was fantastic! She reassured us from day one that everything would be OK. And when it came time to go to court, she was able to get us an outcome that was better than we ever expected! Thanks to Susanne’s expertise, my son is getting the help he needs and is doing great. Susanne is the best!!

Susanne Gustin Saved My life


Susanne Gustin was a great attorney. I had very serious charges filed against me and she basically saved my life and career. She obtained a Misdemeanor A plea on a 2nd degree Felony charge. Perfect outcome.Susanne was very knowledgeable of the laws and how the system works. She seemed very well connected and had a good relationship with the prosecutor and judge – which is vital. Almost as important was the way she handled me personally as that period in my life was extremely terrifying. She was always there to help make me feel better, she is extremely understanding and I felt like she cared about me.Susanne Gustin is highly recommended.

Sincere and Positive! she knows what she is talking about. When she says that she will help you! 

Knows her stuff

Susanne told me that everything would be alright when I called her the very first time. She kept me informed on what was happening with my case. She explain to me step by step what to expect, because I had know idea what was going to happen. She let me know about her education and her experience that she has. I felt really confident that my attorney would be on myside. And she knows her stuff!Susanne again Thank You so very much!

Professional, Thorough, Confidential 


We appreciated Susanne’s professionalism at every level! She listened and worked very hard to assist our family. We were very grateful for her efforts.

Excellent Outcome To a Bad Situation for Our Son !


Our son was recently charged with retail theft. I researched through many attorneys and her name kept coming up. I called her on a Sunday, and she called back the same day reassuring us that everything would be ok.She responded to multiple emails in a timely manner leading us along through the entire process. The outcome was great ! See was able to negotiate with the Prosecutor a 6 month plea of abbayance for our son, and after that charges will be dismissed. Thanks again Ms. Gustin

The best by far!


Susanne was great to work with, totally upfront with everything and made sure to keep me aware of everything that was going on. I hired her for a friend and she managed to get the charges reduced and kept him out of the courts, and his record clean! I would recommend her to anyone!

Avoided the courts entirely! The best possible outcome from a wrongful criminal accusation.


I was wrongfully accused of a sex offense. Ms. Gustin proved herself invaluable in investigating and discussing the initial complaint with detectives. She convinced the authorities that charges should not be filed, thereby preventing the case from moving forward. Ms. Gustin saved me and my family from the stress, heartache and untold expense associated with an investigation and trial stemming from such accusations–especially when they are completely unfounded.Thank you, Susanne!

Good outcome from a bad situation


Susanne took a situation with charges of domestic violence assault and domestic violence in front of a child and turned it into misdemeanor Class B Assault charge allowing me to retain my 2nd Amendment rights. She is easy to communicate with, explains things thoroughly, knows the ins and outs of the legal system and most important, to me at least, promptly returns phone calls. I gratefully recommend her to anyone facing criminal charges.



Ms. Gustin represented our daughter very well in three court appearances. She obviously knows the ins and outs of legal procedures and was fully prepared in her, and our, court appearances.

Excellent Council and Advocate For Your Rights!

Mom P,

Susanne represented my sons eight times with outstanding results. She is a strong advocate for protecting the rights of her clients and negotiating the best possible outcome. Our cases resulted in reduction in charges, plea deals, probation, rehabiltation, and Dismissals. Because of her years of experience and depth of understanding of the law, she helped us through some very tough challenges with excellent results. Her stellar council has given my sons a chance to have a brighter future. They are doing great and we are forever grateful for Susanne’s support. She is far beyond a five star rating to us. We would not hesitate to recommend her professional services and feel fortunate to have found her.

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