Modifications to the Sex Offender Registration: What You Need to Know

It is imperative that individuals, who have been convicted of a sex offense or another crime that requires him or her to register as a sex offender, properly register with the Utah Sex Offender Registry. Sex offenders also must be aware of any modifications to registration requirements as the requirements can change.  For example, a conviction for possession of child pornography requires lifetime registration rather than a ten-year registration as used to be the case.

The Utah Legislature introduced a series of amendments to the sex offender registration requirements. The Amendments were sponsored by Senator Curtis S. Bramble (R) and signed into law on March 28, 2017.

The bill does the following:

  • It specifies that a court may accept a guilty plea only if it is in conformity with the sex offender registration statute;
  • It requires that if a court modifies a conviction for a sex or kidnapping offense, that the court must notify the Department; and
  • It allows the Department of Corrections to intervene in matters that affect a person’s registration requirements.

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