Modifications to the Sex Offender Registration: What You Need to Know

It is imperative that individuals, who have been convicted of a sex offense or another crime that requires him or her to register as a sex offender, properly register with the Utah Sex Offender Registry. Sex offenders also must be aware of any modifications to registration requirements as the requirements can change.  For example, a conviction […] Read more

Polygamy in Utah, Exploitation of Underage Girls or Religious Freedom

In late February of 2017, in Salt Lake City, UT, hundreds of individuals gathered to protest Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s signing of a new law that increases the penalties for polygamists convicted of committing fraud or abuse. The new law is part of a larger ongoing conversation about the criminalization of polygamy in the State. In […] Read more

Charged With Retail Theft Or “Shoplifting?” Pay The Store Fine

My clients charged with retail theft or shoplifting generally receive a letter from the retail establishment (Macy’s, 7-11, etc.) asking that they pay a fine to cover the store’s costs associated with the alleged offense.  This amount is generally between $200 and $400. Should they just pay this?  Generally, I tell them “yes.”  I do […] Read more

Protecting Your Rights And Building Your Defense

Facing criminal charges of any kind can be a test of your patience; however, it is vital that you think about your actions and words carefully when you are dealing with law enforcement officers and anyone else who has something to do with your case. If you have watched crime dramas or criminal justice reality […] Read more

Individual Attention For Criminal Defense Cases In Utah

One of the biggest elements of building a criminal defense is learning about the evidence that the prosecutors have for your case. Some evidence obviously holds more weight than other evidence. If you think about our post last week, you can probably see where evidence gathered through Safe Cam might hold more weight than something […] Read more

Safe Cam Has A Big Impact On Defense Options In Criminal Cases

Prosecutors who are trying cases have the burden of proof, which means they must prove that the defendant committed the crime that led to the charges. There are some cases that might prove difficult for prosecutors to get the proof they need to meet that burden; however, the difficulty might have lessened a bit because […] Read more

Police Misconduct Might Affect Criminal Defense Options

With all of the news stories that have been covered on the news regarding police misconduct, some people might be wondering exactly what constitutes actual police misconduct. It might surprise some people to learn that police officers have considerable leeway when trying to decide how to react to situations. One of the laws that people […] Read more

Compassionate Help, Aggressive Defense In Criminal Defense Cases

Last week, we discussed some of the important information that people should know about the Fourth Amendment and how it pertains to warrants. That isn’t the only amendment that pertains to criminal justice cases. The Sixth Amendment is another amendment that gives people facing criminal charges specific rights. We know that learning you are facing […] Read more

What Does The Fourth Amendment Say About Warrants?

We have covered a variety of criminal justice matters on this blog. One question that many of readers might have pertains to the Fourth Amendment rights of people who are facing criminal charges or are being investigated for criminal charges. Understanding some of the basics of the Fourth Amendment can help you just in case […] Read more

Kidnapping Charges Are Often Related To Other Crimes

We have discussed a variety of criminal charges on this blog. One that we haven’t discussed is kidnapping. In some cases, kidnapping is a charge that someone faces in connection with other crimes, such as sex-related crimes. A while back, we discussed the case of the man who held a woman against her will for […] Read more