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Articles and Blog Posts From October 2015

Pimping And Pandering Are Illegal In Utah

When it comes to sex-related crimes, some people think about actions that involve having sex with an unwilling person, such as rape. While those types of sex crimes are some of the most common, there is another type of sex crime that a person might face that involves people who are willingly engaging in sexual activities. Those charges are for pimping and pandering. The sex industry, which includes… Read more

Sex Offenders In Utah Face Strict Registration Requirements

Sex offenders in Utah have to abide by a variety of laws when they are out in the community. For registered sex offenders, the restrictions include things that can have a great impact on the daily activities of the sex offender. While all registered sex offenders have restrictions, they are often greater for a person who is convicted of a sex-related crime against a minor. A registered sex offender… Read more

Protecting Your Rights And Building Your Defense

Facing criminal charges of any kind can be a test of your patience; however, it is vital that you think about your actions and words carefully when you are dealing with law enforcement officers and anyone else who has something to do with your case. If you have watched crime dramas or criminal justice reality television, you have probably heard the phrase "you have the right to remain silent." That… Read more

What Are The Laws Pertaining To Cocaine In Utah?

Cocaine-related criminal charges in Utah are felony charges. Even simple possession of cocaine in this state is a felony, which makes it vital for anyone who is accused of a cocaine-related criminal charge to prepare a vigorous defense. How are cocaine charges classified in Utah? Cocaine possession for a first offense is a third-degree felony. Convictions after the first offense are one degree greater.… Read more