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Articles and Blog Posts From July 2015

Teen Faces Murder Charge, Possible Juvenile Waiver In Progress

The recent case of a 15-year-old boy who is accused of killing a 12-year-old girl has shaken many of the residents of Salt Lake County. It is alleged that the teen boy lured the girl out of her home with a story about a missing cat. It is alleged that around midnight, the boy knocked on the girl's door asking for help to find the cat. The girl's older sister refused to help the boy, but the 12-year-old… Read more

Compassionate Help, Aggressive Defense In Criminal Defense Cases

Last week, we discussed some of the important information that people should know about the Fourth Amendment and how it pertains to warrants. That isn't the only amendment that pertains to criminal justice cases. The Sixth Amendment is another amendment that gives people facing criminal charges specific rights. We know that learning you are facing criminal charges is a difficult situation to… Read more

What Does The Fourth Amendment Say About Warrants?

We have covered a variety of criminal justice matters on this blog. One question that many of readers might have pertains to the Fourth Amendment rights of people who are facing criminal charges or are being investigated for criminal charges. Understanding some of the basics of the Fourth Amendment can help you just in case you have to interact with law enforcement officers who are acting in a legal… Read more

2008 Rape Kit Found, Man Faces Several Sex-Related Charges

Facing criminal charges for sex-related crimes is something that most people try to avoid. For one man, an incident that occurred in 2008 is coming back to haunt his life now after a Code R kit was found in a storage refrigerator at Primary Children's Hospital. That rape kit was found by a nurse last fall and given over to investigators. The rape kit allegedly ties a 46-year-old man to the crimes.… Read more