Child Sex Abuse Cases And Psychosexual Examination In Utah

Child Sex Abuse and Child Pornography Cases—in Utah, most times I will privately have a client complete a psychosexual examination which determines sexual risk of a defendant.  Can I show that my client is low risk to the public and that he or she is amenable to treatment? I use the top psychosexual examiner in Salt Lake […] Read more

Child Pornography Cases In Federal And State Courts

Child Pornography sentences in federal court are much more severe than those in Utah state courts.  Each count of possessing child pornography in federal court carries a minimum/mandatory five year sentence.  If you are charged with distribution of child pornography, the sentence becomes even steeper. In state court, a defendant may be charged with 10-18 counts […] Read more

Child Pornography Investigation In Utah

Child Pornography Investigation–what should you expect if you are being investigated for possessing child pornography?  It will probably start with a knock at the door by law enforcement informing you that they have a warrant to search your phone, computers, etc. for child pornography.  Extremely stressful–to say the least. As law enforcement agents proceed to […] Read more

Child Pornography Charges Require Lifetime Registration In Utah

Child pornography charges–until recently, state possession of child pornography charges, second degree felonies, required the convicted person to register on the sex offender registry for ten years.  The ten years started running when the defendant was no longer on probation or parole. Now, however, the Utah legislature has changed that.  Pleading guilty to a second […] Read more