Misdemeanor Marijuana Charges Demand Attention

News stories about marijuana decriminalization seem to come up quite often. While other states have decriminalized this drug, Utah is not among them. Last week, we discussed some of the laws in the state regarding marijuana. If you recall, some marijuana charges are felony charges. Others are misdemeanors. We know that if you are facing […] Read more

Pulled Over And Have Marijuana In The Car? Follow These Tips.

Marijuana laws have relaxed throughout the country. However, you can still face drug charges in Utah if you are caught with marijuana. Marijuana is a common drug found in many driver’s vehicles. You need to know what to do if you are ever pulled over and are suspected of having marijuana or any other illegal […] Read more

What Are The Laws Pertaining To Cocaine In Utah?

Cocaine-related criminal charges in Utah are felony charges. Even simple possession of cocaine in this state is a felony, which makes it vital for anyone who is accused of a cocaine-related criminal charge to prepare a vigorous defense. How are cocaine charges classified in Utah? Cocaine possession for a first offense is a third-degree felony. […] Read more

What Are The Heroin Laws In Utah?

Heroin is a drug that doesn’t have any acceptable medical use. It is a highly addictive drug that can devastate individuals, families and communities. Federal drug regulations list heroin as a Schedule I narcotic. Utah law views heroin possession, sales and trafficking as very serious crimes that carry serious penalties. Are heroin charges felonies or […] Read more

What Are The Utah Laws Regarding Marijuana?

The legality of marijuana is something that seems to be making the headlines almost constantly these days. One of Utah’s neighboring states has legalized the drug on a state level; however, marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. Utah isn’t one of the states that decriminalized marijuana, so having any amount of it in the […] Read more

What Are Some Positive Points To Plea Bargaining?

Some defendants who are facing charges, including drug charges, might find out that they are being offered a plea deal. There are several points that defendants might appreciate when it comes to the plea bargaining process. Understanding these positive points might help you decide if you want to consider the plea bargain. Can a plea […] Read more

Survey Says: Utah Drug Crime Penalities Are Too Harsh

Many of our readers know that Utah has very harsh laws when it comes to drug use and possession. Just last week, we discussed how serious prescription fraud charges can be. While it is true that drug use and possession are problems, it seems as though many Utah voters feel that the penalties for drug […] Read more

Fight Prescription Drug Fraud Charges In Utah

When you are in pain or have another medical issue, the need to take medications to get relief is sometimes overwhelming. If a person can’t get to the doctor or has a doctor who refuses to give prescriptions that will remedy the issues, the person might decide to seek medications for another way. That, however, […] Read more

Prescription Drug Fraud Leads To Serious Consequences In Utah

Our readers know that we believe that people have a right to a firm defense against any charges they face. For some of our readers, the charges they are facing are related to having prescription drugs. The sad reality is that some people who need prescription drugs after having surgery or being in an accident […] Read more

What Are Paraphernalia-Related Drug Crimes?

Cases involving drug charges are some of the types of cases we have discussed on this blog. While many of those cases involve possession of specific drugs, trafficking, dealing or a host of other charges, there is one charge that might have our Utah readers wondering exactly what it means. That charge is drug paraphernalia. […] Read more