Criminal Defense

Criminal charges are some of the most harmful to a person’s record and personal life. These types of offenses can follow a person indefinitely. In addition to a loss of freedom due to imprisonment, criminal charges can also result in costly fines and the loss of licenses.

For your convenience, provided is a list of common criminal offenses in the state of Utah which Susanne Gustin has years of experience fighting. Please note, this information is provided solely for informative purposes, and is not intended to suggest any legal advice.

Criminal law operates on a case-by-case basis, and this information does not replace legal advice from an experienced attorney.

Criminal Defense Information Center

Susanne Gustin strongly defends individuals charged with the following criminal offenses:

Susanne Gustin is an experienced trial attorney with 30 years of experience. She has represented clients in various high-profile criminal cases and has successfully defended her clients in a court of law.

She can offer you sound legal advice fitted to your circumstances. Susanne Gustin has the knowledge to explore different options and work towards keeping your record clear. If you are facing criminal charges, call Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law at (801) 243-2814 to hear more about your legal options.

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