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Articles and Blog Posts From August 2015

What Are The Utah Laws Regarding Marijuana?

The legality of marijuana is something that seems to be making the headlines almost constantly these days. One of Utah's neighboring states has legalized the drug on a state level; however, marijuana remains illegal on the federal level. Utah isn't one of the states that decriminalized marijuana, so having any amount of it in the state is a crime. Are marijuana charges felonies or misdemeanors? All… Read more

Police Misconduct Might Affect Criminal Defense Options

With all of the news stories that have been covered on the news regarding police misconduct, some people might be wondering exactly what constitutes actual police misconduct. It might surprise some people to learn that police officers have considerable leeway when trying to decide how to react to situations. One of the laws that people use to demonstrate police misconduct is the Fourth Amendment.… Read more

Can Juvenile Records Be Expunged?

When a young person goes through the juvenile justice system, there is often a question about whether the file can be expunged. Many parents want to know the answer to this question because of the effects that a juvenile justice record can have on the child's future. What does expungement do? An expungement seals the records of the juvenile. It doesn't do away with the record. Instead, it means that… Read more