Know Your Rights And Potential Consequences Of Utah Drug Charges

Last week, we discussed some of the possible drug charges that someone might face. The one constant between all of those charges is that the person who is facing the charges also faces serious consequences if he or she is convicted. Utah courts tend to take a harsh stance against drug offenders. That is one […] Read more

From Manufacturing To Trafficking: 5 Types Of Drug Charges

When you or a loved one are facing drug charges in Utah, you might have questions about what the charge actually means. There are many types of drug crimes; some of these are stipulated by federal laws and others are contained in state laws. Regardless of the level of the charge, there are some aspects […] Read more

Woman Cooperates With Officers And Faces Several Drug Charges

For people who are trying to make a living by running drugs, the next problem is only one step away at any given time. For one woman accused of running drugs, the next problem came in the form of a traffic stop in Utah for erratic driving. The woman was allegedly driving at speeds of […] Read more

Drug Charges Filed For 4 People After Traffic Stop And Search

Four people were recently arrested after a routine traffic stop ended with the car and a hotel room being searched by police officers. When the police officer stopped the vehicle, he noted that the driver appeared to show signs of drug use. That 35-year-old male driver allegedly admitted to using drugs the day before. This […] Read more

Pot’s Semi-Legal Status In U.S. Raises Drugged Driving Questions

Public attitudes about marijuana have been changing slowly but steadily for quite some time. Pot is increasingly being viewed as a relatively safe drug offering some medicinal benefits. This public attitude change is evidenced by the fact that 20 states have now legalized medical marijuana, two states have legalized recreational marijuana and 13 states – […] Read more

Utah Bill To Prevent Fatal Drug Overdoses Has Legislative Momentum

Last weekend, American cinema lost a man often considered one of the best actors of our time. At the age of just 46, Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an apparent heroin overdose. Hoffman had struggled with addiction issues many times throughout his life, but had been clean and sober for more than two […] Read more

2 Day Jail Sentence Turns Into Five Months Due To Legal Mistakes

We often write about the need for an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing charges or otherwise being forced to interact with law enforcement. Not only can a good defense attorney help you understand your rights and options related to the charges against you, he or she can also make sure that your civil rights […] Read more

Alleged Drug Ring Busted In Northern Utah

America’s war on drugs continues to grow in size and expense. While countless individuals are arrested daily and charged for minor drug offenses such as possession, state and federal authorities are also aggressively going after drug trafficking organizations. One alleged organization was recently busted here in Utah. The Salt Lake Tribune recently reported that a […] Read more

6 Arrested In Utah For Drug Possession And Other Offenses

Drug crimes are seriously prosecuted in Utah, with convictions leading to potentially harsh penalties. Six people now possibly face these penalties after an alleged counterfeit bill led to their arrest at a truck stop near St. George recently. They now face a multitude of charges, including drug possession, after a police search of their camper […] Read more

President Obama Addresses ‘Unfair’ Drug Laws In An Important Way

Many of our posts recently have been focused on the disproportionately harsh sentences given to certain drug offenders; particularly those charged in federal court. As of 2012, over 3,000 inmates were serving sentences of life without parole for drug crimes and other non-violent offenses. This number represents about 6 percent of the total number of inmates […] Read more