Misdemeanor Possession

In Utah courts, there is no such thing as a small drug charge. Even misdemeanor possession of a small amount of marijuana can result in a heavy penalty. If it is your second or third conviction, you face a possible felony conviction and jail time.

Prosecutors across the state are pressured to convict people for any type of drug charge. Even a small amount in your pocket can lead to a misdemeanor possession charge increased to a felony charge of possession with intent to distribute or other related charges.

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Salt Lake City Misdemeanor Possession Defense Attorney

Attorney Susanne Gustin has many years of experience fighting aggressively to help people stay out of jail and keep their record clean after being charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana and other illegal narcotics.

If you are facing charges, you must take your defense seriously. Call Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law at (801) 243-2814 for a free consultation. This firm has earned a reputation for doing everything possible to work with the prosecutor to find an alternative to a conviction.

Susanne prepares every case to win in court and she has a successful record of acquittals and dismissed cases she is proud of. Criminal defense is her only practice. Clients from Salt Lake City, Davis County, and surrounding areas are welcome.

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Misdemeanor Possession Information Center

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Misdemeanor Possession Defined

Utah Code §58-37-8 penalized the act of producing, manufacturing, dispensing, or possessing controlled or counterfeit substances listed in Schedule I-V of Section 58-37-4. Additionally, the intent to produce, manufacture, or dispense said substances is also prohibited.  

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Penalties for Conviction

Penalties following conviction for misdemeanor possession will vary based on whether the defendant has prior convictions and the amount of the substance in his or her possession at the time of the act.

In recent years, several changes have been made to Utah’s drug laws to further promote rehabilitation. However, penalties for possession should still be taken seriously. As of October 1, 2015, first or second convictions for acquiring controlled substances by deception were diminished from a third-degree felony to a class A misdemeanor. For third or subsequent convictions, the punishment remained as a third-degree felony.

Effective October 1, 2015, first or second convictions for controlled substance possession were demoted to a class A misdemeanor. For third or more frequent convictions, the penalty was stated as a third-degree felony.

These are just some of the penalties for a conviction. Possible jail time and fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Utah’s willingness to rehabilitate is not a guarantee of reduced jail time.

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Alternatives to Conviction and Jail

Many people charged with misdemeanor possession charges can avoid conviction and jail. If you are eligible for a drug education, treatment program or diversion program Susanne Gustin will do everything possible to obtain that outcome for you.

If you successfully complete such a program, your charges will be dismissed and you will avoid jail.

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Juvenile Drug Offenses

If your teenage child has been charged with a drug possession charge, it can pull your entire family into the court system. You may feel responsible and embarrassed but there is no need to feel alone. Susanne understands the difficulties a family faces when entering the juvenile court system.

She will represent your entire family with compassion, care and an aggressive concern for your child’s future. I promise to communicate clearly, walk you through the process every step of the way and fight aggressively for your best interests.

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More Information on Misdemeanor Possession

Utah Courts– Search Utah’s state court site to find information on misdemeanor penalties, sentence lengths, and other criminal offense classifications.

Norml– This organization targets marijuana law reformation and lessening of drug laws on a national level.

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Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law Salt Lake County Misdemeanor Possession Defense Lawyer

Susanne Gustin will stay in close contact with you throughout your case. You won’t have to wonder what your attorney is up to today or how your case is progressing. You will get clear, honest answers and information you need to make decisions about the outcome of your case.

Contact Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law at (801) 243-2814 as soon as possible after you have been charged with any misdemeanor or felony drug offense, including misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Drug sales or drug distribution, cocaine possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and prescription drug fraud.

Discover the difference an experienced Salt Lake City misdemeanor possession defense lawyer will make at this tough time of your life.  From Salt Lake City, this firm represents clients in Salt Lake County, Davis County, and surrounding areas.

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