Carrying a Concealed Weapon

 Have you been charged with carrying a concealed weapon in Utah? If so, then it is important that you obtain an experienced firearm criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Although the state of Utah is recognized for its liberal firearm statutes, people still are convicted of bearing a concealed weapon and therefore face severe consequences such as jail time and/or stiff fines. 

Facing charges of carrying a concealed weapon can be stressful. Aside from the possibility of fines and jail time, a conviction for carrying a concealed firearm can also affect a person’s future in several ways including their employment prospects and ability to obtain a mortgage. At Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law, attorney Susanne Gustin has more 30 years of experience defending individuals with firearm charges. Contact her today to receive assistance in your case.

Utah Concealed Weapon Attorneys | Salt Lake County Firearm Defense

If you have been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, it’s time to act now. Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law has over 30 years of experience defending clients against a wide array of firearm offenses, including carrying a concealed weapon. Criminal defense attorney Susanne Gustin will put together a strong defense to achieve the best possible outcome regarding your particular circumstance.

Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law accepts cases throughout the state of Utah. We also defend clients in Salt Lake County, West Valley City, West Jordan, Sandy, Taylorsville, South Jordan, Davis Counties, and surrounding areas. Call (801) 243-2814 to schedule a free, initial consultation and have Susanne Gustin review your case.

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Utah Concealed Weapon Laws

The state of Utah is known as a constitutional carry state. This means that it is legal to openly carry a firearm with a provisional permit as long as an individual is at least 30 years old and they are not considered a “prohibited person” as defined in Utah Code 76-10-503. A person can also carry a fully loaded firearm, visible or concealed, without a concealed firearm permit if they are at least 30 years of age.

It is illegal for an individual to carry a firearm on any school grounds unless they have a valid permit. Possession of a firearm on school premises is a class B misdemeanor, which can result in a couple of penalties. This includes up to 6 months in a Utah county jail and up to $1,000 in fines. 

It is also illegal to carry a firearm, visible or concealed, in a state prohibited area and federal prohibited area. Examples of federal prohibited areas include:

  • Social Security Administration
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • United States District Courts

Penalties for carrying a weapon in a federal prohibited area are harsh. According to 18 U.S. Code § 930, an individual that knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a federal facility will be charged with a Class E felony. A Class E Felony is punishable by up to 2 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.

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Utah’s Concealed Carry HB 60 Bill

As of May 5, 2021, Utah’s HB 60 bill allows individuals at least 30 years of age to possess a visible or concealed loaded firearm in public without a permit. This act modifies Utah’s former law regarding concealed firearm permits (CFP). Before the bill passed, Utah residents had to undergo classes, training, and obtain a permit if they want to possess a handgun in public. 

Currently, Utah has reciprocal agreement with 36 other states that acknowledge Utah’s permit in their region. If an individual chooses to travel to another state that requires a permit to possess a concealed weapon, they are then subject to the state’s laws. Additionally, owners of firearms are required to have a permit to concealed carry on school premises. A CPP will allow each individual to waive a $7.50 background check fee when possessing a firearm.

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Carrying a Concealed Weapon at Home

According to Utah statutes, it is legal for someone to possess a fully loaded and concealed weapon in their residence. This can be done without a concealed firearm permit. An individual can also carry a concealed weapon on their property, whether it is a temporary residence or camp, or on their real property such as land they own or around their home.

Utah also allows for residents to have a loaded and concealed weapon inside of their vehicle. This applies even if they do not have a concealed firearm permit. However, shotguns, rifles and muzzle-loading rifles must be unloaded unless they carry a concealed firearm permit. 

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Carrying a Concealed Weapon at Churches

According to Utah Code 76-10-530, it is illegal to carry a firearm into a church, even if a person has been issued a concealed firearm permit. This applies especially if notice has been given by the house of worship. The following churches have notified BCI of their intent to prohibit firearms:

  • Wasatch Presbyterian Church (1626 South 1700 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84108)
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint (Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah)

Per the Utah statute, house of worship is defined as a church, mosque, temple, synagogue, or other building in which religious services are held. A person convicted of carrying a concealed weapon in church may face a Class C misdemeanor which is punishable by a $750 fine.

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Additional Resources for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Utah Department of Public Safety: Concealed Weapon –   Visit the Utah Department of Safety webpage to learn more about you can apply for a concealed firearm permit. The page lists answers to frequently asked questions such as “what will it cost to apply” “who is eligible?” and “what must accompany the application?” Click to link to also view where to apply for a concealed firearm permit. 

Utah Code: Firearms – Click the link to view Chapter 10, Part 5 of the Utah Code which constitutes weapons. You’ll be able to learn more about penalties for carrying a concealed firearm. The webpage also lists more information on penalties for providing certain weapons to a minor and possession of deadly weapon with criminal intent. 

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Salt Lake City Gun Possession Lawyers 

If you or a loved one was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in the state of Utah, contact Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law. Criminal defense attorney Susanne Gustin will make every effort to find applicable defenses to have your charged reduced or dismissed. She has over 30 years of experienced aggressively representing clients charged with firearm crimes.

Call (801) 243-2814 today for a free, initial consultation on your gun possession charges.  Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law serves clients throughout the Salt Lake City area. Attorney Susanne Gustin also defends clients in Davis County, Midvale, Riverton, Taylorsville, Clearfield, Layton, and neighboring areas.

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