How To Behave At DUI Checkpoints This Weekend

Though it may seem like common-sense advice, it is critical that you avoid driving while intoxicated or impaired by prescription drugs and street drugs this weekend. DUI checkpoints and other enforcement mechanisms are being utilized in order to catch DUI offenders and prevent accidents over the holiday. If you are driving clean, a checkpoint should be no more than a temporary inconvenience for you.

It is also important that if you are stopped at a checkpoint or by the side of the road that you are respectful and cooperative with law enforcement. If you are in doubt about whether or not you should follow an officer’s instructions, call an experienced criminal defense attorney for advice. If you have no time to make such a call, it is generally advisable to follow directions and allow your attorney to sort out details later.

Finally, if DUI checkpoints or run-ins with law enforcement make you nervous, feel free to look up the locations of local check points in advance in order to avoid them. If you drive safely, drive unimpaired and proactively avoid checkpoints, you will likely have a holiday weekend free of interactions with law enforcement.

Source: Findlaw Blotter, “9 No-Nos at DUI Checkpoints,” Brett Snider, Aug. 29, 2013