3 Teens In Trouble After Scuffle With Police In Salt Lake City

Consider the situation that three Salt Lake City teens are in. All three, one who is 30 years old and two who are 17, were arrested after getting into a scuffle with a police officer. The Salt Lake City Police Department said that the officer instructed the teens to leave a school because they were trespassing. Although they left at first, they returned later. 

A detective speaking on behalf of the department said the three teens then became “combative.” He did not describe what that meant in this situation. The officer at the scene called for backup, and eight more officers were sent to the scene.

Ultimately, all three teens were arrested. The 18-year-old was charged for resisting arrest and starting a riot, and police arrested the other two for participating in the dispute.

Being charged with a juvenile crime can a serious impact on a young person’s life. A criminal conviction can limit options for higher education, finding work and even finishing high school. As a parent, your first step should be to contact an attorney with experience in juvenile criminal defense.

There are ways to challenge juvenile criminal charges, and judges are sometimes more lenient on children who have no criminal record. One mistake made as a teenager should not limit a person’s opportunities to excel in life.

Source: Fox 13 News, “Police officer allegedly assaulted at Utah school, 3 teens arrested,” Mark Green, March 26, 2014