Mountain Man Pleaded Guilty To 11 Charges, 1 Federal And 10 State

The Mountain Man just received a decade-long sentence for shooting at federal agents who were in a helicopter when they got him to come out of a home where he was hiding. Right after he pleaded guilty to that federal charge, he pleaded guilty to 10 felony burglary charges in the state court. He was sentenced to one to 15 years on each of those charges, but those sentences run concurrently with the federal sentence.

The man’s criminal defense attorney said Mountain Man only needed a little help from cabin owners while he was living off the land. The judge told the man he should write a book about his time in the wilderness. During that time, the man would go into cabins to take guns, food and other supplies. He would sometimes leave the bedding wrinkled or a thank you note for the cabin owner. He was also known to leave notes that were for authorities.

After he was captured, the man helped authorities to find the weapons that he had hidden away in the wilderness. A total of 13 handguns, a shotgun and two rifles were found in four counties.

In Mountain Man’s case, he opted to plead guilty to the charges placed against him. His attorney says that both the defense and prosecution expect the man to spend all his time in federal prison. While he didn’t get released, he seemingly got a sentence he can live with. Anyone charged with crimes has a right to present a defense or work out a deal as this man did.

Source:, “Decade prison sentence for Utah’s ‘Mountain Man'” Ken Ritter and Brady McCombs, Jun. 09, 2014