Firm And Focused Representation Are Necessary For Juveniles

Oftentimes, the juveniles being charged with a crime feel frightened. In some cases, they might be confused. They might be shunned by friends or have to deal with negative feelings from family members. All of this can make the situation seem even worse. We want you to know that you aren’t alone when your family is having to deal with the juvenile justice system

In Utah, the juvenile justice system doesn’t involve jury trials. Instead, the juvenile faces a judge who then makes a determination about the case with the ultimate goal of rehabilitation in mind. We can help you and your child throughout the juvenile justice process.

Even if you find out that your juvenile is facing charges in the adult criminal justice system, we can still work to defend the juvenile. Serious crimes like murder and rape require firm and focused defense strategies. Even less serious charges like truancy require a solid defense strategy.

When you think about it, even a juvenile justice conviction can negatively impact a child’s life. The child might have trouble joining the military, getting into college, getting a job or keeping a drivers’ license. We can help you to learn the available options for dealing with each of these aspects of life.