Utah Man Faces Charges For Alleged Explosive Plot

Tremonton police officers did, however, discover that the man allegedly wanted to kill two police officers before bombing the Tremonton Police Department. They claim he wanted to blow up bridges and other locations that would stop first responders from making it to the scene.

The man reportedly said that the bombings would cause the community to come together against the government. Authorities investigated the allegations with the help of a confidential informant. The man reportedly offered to make the undercover FBI agent a bomb after meeting with the man to discuss making bombs.

The confidential informant warned officials about a variety of activities he claimed the man was undertaking. The man was arrested while discussing bomb-making with the confidential informant. Authorities then searched his trailer. Explosive material, along with a grenade-like explosive device, were found.

Late Friday, the man appeared in federal court to face a charge of possessing an unregistered destructive device. While more charges are possible, the man faces a $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison on that charge alone. He is being held until his detention hearing.

These serious allegations can significantly affect this man’s life. He has the right to defend himself against the charge. Knowing what avenues of defense he has available might help him to decide how to proceed with his criminal defense.

Source: NewsMax, “John Huggins: Utah Man Arrested for Plotting to Blow up Police Station” Jul. 14, 2014