Facebook Fight Leads To Real Fight For 2 Utah Teen Girls

The 18-year-old was charged with third-degree rioting causing serious bodily injury. She is also facing a third-degree felony aggravated child abuse charge because the other girl involved in the dispute is a juvenile. According to a local police officer, the riot charge was used because they agreed to meet at a specific spot to engage in disorderly activity.

According to police, approximately 13 people in all were involved in the incident. It was not reported what their specific role was, but multiple citations were issued.

Both teens have been released from police custody. The 18-year-old was sent to Purgatory Correctional Facility in Washington County but posted bond.

Juvenile charges need to be taken seriously, and juvenile defendants require legal representation every bit as much as adult defendants do. Convictions for juvenile crimes can impact a young person’s education, including their chances of getting into college. They can also impact their ability to get a job to help pay for their education.

While some judges may be lenient on first-time juvenile offenders charged with crimes such as shoplifting, underage drinking and even assault, it should never be assumed that this will be the case. That’s why it is essential that parents obtain legal representation by a professional who has experience dealing with local juvenile courts in order. By doing this, they may be able to minimize the impact that one mistake can have on their child’s future.

Source: St. George News, “Facebook fight leads to rioting charges” T.S. Romney, Aug. 15, 2014