High School Teacher Accused Of Sex Crimes Again

The case involves a 35-year-old teacher who has entered a plea of not guilty to charges having to do with sexual activities with a teenage boy. Now, she is being accused of another sexual relationship with another teenage boy. It is alleged that the incidents all occurred last year.

This woman is facing two sodomy charges and four counts of rape. Her attorney maintains that she didn’t ever use her position as a teacher to coerce the first teen who accused her of sexual activities.

Accusations of inappropriate sexual activity with students can have a profound effect on the teacher’s life. This teacher once taught at Davis High School but isn’t doing so now. Even if she is found not to be guilty on these charges, her reputation is ruined.

The horrors of being accused of raping or sodomizing children is something that most people will never live down. Their only hope for a somewhat normal life is to have those charges dropped or to be found not guilty to prove their innocence. Understanding the laws and other statutes dealing with sex crimes involving minors might help defendants and their representatives to properly present a defense.

Source: CBS News Crimesider, “Utah teacher accused of sexual relationship with 2nd student” Aug. 07, 2014