Utah Teen Faces Assault Charge In Adult Court

The teen is now being accused of attacking a male who was in custody with him at the Mill Creek Detention facility. The victim had scratches and bruises after allegedly being attacked by a the teen with a broom. For that alleged attack, the teen is facing assault charges in the adult court.

The assault charge being filed in the adult court might shock some readers. It was handled that way because as part of the teen’s plea deal for the murder of his brothers, he pleaded guilty in the adult court for killing his 4-year-old brother. The murder charge for his 10-year-old brother was handled in the juvenile court. Those two cases, one in the adult court and one in the juvenile court, were part of a complex plea deal that allows the teen to transition from the juvenile detention facility to the adult detention facility when necessary.

Since he was already convicted of a felony and has been charged with another felony, he is being held without bail at the Weber County jail This teen has the right to defend himself against this new charge. Despite his violent history, he still has the right to be presumed innocent on this assault charge.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, “Utah teen who killed brothers appears in court on new assault charge” Jessica Miller, Nov. 17, 2014