Troubling Reasons Behind False Accusations Of Rape

One of the reasons that might interest some people is that false rape accusations are rarely punished. This means that some people will claim to be victims simply because there isn’t the deterrent of knowing that they will face consequences for their lies. They also know that they likely won’t face consequences for their false accusations. One example is a woman who falsely accused eight men of rape. She never spent any time in jail for those claims. A second example is a woman who didn’t face time in jail until she made a third false accusation of being raped.

Some people might make false rape accusations to cover up something that happens. One woman, for example, claimed she was raped because she didn’t want her boyfriend to know that she willingly had sex with multiple men in a restroom. To cover herself from dealing with her boyfriend, the woman said she was gang raped by five men.

False rape accusations can harm the person who is accused of this violent act. While there is often an outcry for the accuser to face charges, that doesn’t usually happen. The person who is facing the false accusations is usually left with a tarnished reputation. In those cases, it is vital to have someone who can help you clear your good name.

Source: A Voice for Male Students, “10 Reasons False Rape Accusations are Common” Jonathan Taylor, Dec. 23, 2014