Sexual Assault, Lewdness And The Differences In Charges

Sexual assault is a very serious crime that often requires registration on the sex offender registry. In some cases, such as the case we discussed that week, it is possible to get that charge downgraded. We do our best to get sexual assault charges downgraded to less serious charges. In some case, that less serious charge might be lewdness.

In Utah, lewdness is usually considered a lower-level misdemeanor, which is a big difference from a felony charge. It is important to note that even though it is a misdemeanor, lewdness still has some consequences. One of those is that you might be required to register as a sex offender if you are convicted of a sex-related crime again.

Since each case is different, there isn’t any guarantee that downgraded charges will be possible as part of a plea deal. Instead of making a promise like that, we make a different promise. We promise to do our best to get you the best outcome for your case based on the case’s facts and the negotiations with the prosecution. We can help you to learn your rights and protect them as you go through the criminal justice system to fight the sex-related charges placed against you.