Sex Offenders In Utah Face Strict Registration Requirements

Sex offenders in Utah have to abide by a variety of laws when they are out in the community. For registered sex offenders, the restrictions include things that can have a great impact on the daily activities of the sex offender. While all registered sex offenders have restrictions, they are often greater for a person who is convicted of a sex-related crime against a minor.

A registered sex offender who is convicted of a criminal sex act against children has five areas where they aren’t allowed to go. They can’t go into a playground, community park, or swimming pool if those areas are open to the public. They can’t go into a licensed daycare or preschool. They can’t go near a primary or secondary school, whether that school is private or public, that isn’t located on the grounds of the correctional facility.

The Utah sex offender registration laws also dictate how long a person must remain on the registry. The length of registration can last 10 years to a lifetime, depending on the conviction. The person would have to comply with all registration requirements throughout the term for which they must register. One of the requirements is that the person must register changes of address, employment, vehicle, or educational information within three business days of the change.

Failing to comply with the registration requirements can lead to new criminal charges. You should begin working on a defense strategy if you are facing a charge for failing to comply with the registration requirements or if you are facing any other sex-related criminal charges in Utah.

Source: Utah Department of Corrections, “Utah Laws Regulating Registered Sex Offenders,” accessed Oct. 22, 2015