Protecting Yourself If You’ve Been Charged With An Internet Sex Crime

Far too many innocent individuals are caught in the midst of wide-spread investigations of internet sex crimes, usually the dispersal of child pornography. They can be arrested and charged for crimes they did not commit and had no knowledge were being committed by others.

A person can be falsely accused of child pornography and internet sex crimes for a range of reasons, including:

  • Accidentally downloading the data because of a virus or an unrelated mass download – It’s not uncommon for illegal material to be bundled in with innocuous or legal adult-related material. The user unknowingly accepts and downloads the illegal material and is then liable. In other cases, the illegal material can actually be included in a virus that has entered the computer.
  • Being lured into a compromising situation with a minor, thinking he or she was dealing with a consenting adult – Law enforcement might mistakenly suspect an individual of illegal internet activity and work to entrap that person. Often they will do this by setting the person up for an encounter with a minor (whether the person knows it’s a minor or not) and arresting him or her.

These are difficult defenses to prove. It is critical that you have aggressive legal representation that is experienced in sex crimes defense and knows how to protect your rights. Read more about defending against internet sex crimes here.