Child Sex Abuse Cases And Psychosexual Examination In Utah

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Child Sex Abuse and Child Pornography Cases—in Utah, most times I will privately have a client complete a psychosexual examination which determines sexual risk of a defendant.  Can I show that my client is low risk to the public and that he or she is amenable to treatment?

I use the top psychosexual examiner in Salt Lake City, Utah to conduct these examinations.  If the report comes back as positive, I discuss the report with my client and determine whether to disclose the psychosexual examination to the prosecutor for his/her determination in how to handle the case.

Other times, the prosecutor will not make a reasonable offer or consider dismissal without a defendant submitting to a psychosexual examination.  The process is the same.  The court date is generally continued for six weeks so the defendant can complete this examination.  The psychosexual consists of an interview with the client, other testing, including a plethysmograph.  A plethysmograph supposedly measures a person’s sexual response to viewing certain sexual images (children and adults) while hooked up to a plethysmograph.

As a criminal defense lawyer, I feel that psychosexual examinations can be helpful for my client especially if I have some control over picking the examiner.  Because I use the most respected examiner in the state, in my opinion and the opinion of many prosecutors, I feel comfortable asking my clients to submit to a psychosexual.

If a defendant is shown to be in the low-risk or moderate category, oftentimes a case can be resolved favorably.  The psychosexual is just another tool in the box to use to benefit my clients.

If you are under investigation for child pornography, child rape case, aggravated sexual abuse of a child or any child sex abuse offense in Salt Lake City, Provo, Logan, Vernal, Farmington, Tooele or any city in the State of Utah, call me for a free consultation