Misdemeanor Marijuana Charges Demand Attention

News stories about marijuana decriminalization seem to come up quite often. While other states have decriminalized this drug, Utah is not among them. Last week, we discussed some of the laws in the state regarding marijuana. If you recall, some marijuana charges are felony charges. Others are misdemeanors.

We know that if you are facing a misdemeanor marijuana charge, you might be tempted to just ignore the charges. That isn’t a good decision since the charges aren’t going to go away just because you decide that you don’t want to think about them.

Instead of ignoring the charges, you should take a proactive stand. We can help you to investigate your case. We can help you to explore your options. Once you know the options that are available in your case, you can decide how you want to move forward with your case.

While we can’t make a promise that you won’t see any penalties if you are convicted, we do promise you that we will work hard on your behalf. In some cases, we might be able to explore the possibility of drug court. There are specific criteria to qualify for drug court, and the program requires a commitment. We can also look into the possibility of a drug diversion program for your case.

Don’t waste time thinking that you don’t have to do anything about a misdemeanor. Instead, let us help you build your defense against the drug charges placed against you. As we stand by your side, we can help you to ensure your rights are protected.