In today’s society, most people have access to a computer and internet connection. Adults and children alike seem to be attached to their phones and other electronic devices. People use smartphones to record all types of events.  This constant connection to technology can be a good thing, but not when it turns into an invasion of privacy.

It is becoming increasingly common for individuals to misuse their technology allowing them to compromise another person’s right to privacy. If you are accused of voyeurism or a similar offense, you need a knowledgeable attorney to work towards your defense.

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Salt Lake County Voyeurism Defense Attorney

Legal consequences of a voyeurism conviction may not be the most severe; however, these charges can easily increase into something more serious. To avoid escalation of your charges, you need an experienced attorney.

Susanne Gustin is a Salt Lake City defense attorney with more than 30 years of experience in the Utah courts. She defends her clients aggressively and to the full extent of her abilities. She has developed a reputation as a fierce litigator who will stop at nothing to defend her clients.

If you are facing voyeurism charges, call Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law at (801) 243-2814 for a free consultation to discuss your next steps and options. This firm represents clients in Salt Lake City, Davis County, West Valley City, Cottonwood Heights, Midvale, Holladay, Syracuse, and neighboring cities.

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Voyeurism Information Center

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Voyeurism Defined in Utah Legislation

Utah Code §76-9-702.7 defines voyeurism as the intentional use of a camcorder, motion picture camera, photographic camera of any type, or other equipment concealed or hidden to secretly record, film, photograph, videotape, or view by electronic means an individual:

  • With an intent to view any part of the individual’s body which the individual can reasonably expect to be private, whether or not that part of the body is clothed;
  • Without the victim’s knowledge or consent; and
  • Under circumstances where the individual can reasonably expect privacy.

Voyeurism can also be committed in the absence of any instrumentality.

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Legal Consequences of a Conviction

A conviction for voyeurism may result in punishable as a class A misdemeanor unless the victim is 14 years or younger.  Under these circumstances, voyeurism is a third-degree felony.

In addition, distribution of these images, is a third party felony unless the victim is 14 years or younger. In that event, voyeurism is a second-degree felony.

If the act is committed without the use of instrumentality, this is punishable as a class B misdemeanor, unless committed against a child 14 years of younger. In the event that the victim is 14 years or younger, this is a class A misdemeanor.

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More Information on Voyeurism

Utah Legislature– Search this site for the official statute on voyeurism and similar offenses against public order or decency.

NDAA– This site provides a list of nationwide statutes and information on voyeurism and indecent viewing.

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Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law Salt Lake City Voyeurism Defense Lawyer

If you are facing voyeurism charges or similar offense call Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law at (801) 243-2814. Susanne Gustin is a defense attorney who has successfully protected her clients from a number of crimes, and decades of experience in the courtroom. She can work with you to get the best outcome possible.  

Susanne Gustin Attorney at Law serves clients in Salt Lake City, Davis County, Cottonwood, and surrounding counties.

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