Defense For Prostitution Or Solicitation Arrests In Utah

Anyone who has been charged with prostitution or solicitation has the right to present a defense. No matter what the circumstances were at the time of your arrest, you still maintain that right. We understand that being charged with solicitation or prostitution can be a frightening experience. We want to help you to understand your charges and what options you have to fight them.

If you were arrested as part of a sting, it is especially important for you to work with us to investigate the circumstances of your arrest. What some law enforcement officials seem to forget is that entrapping someone into a charge of solicitation or prostitution isn’t permissible.

Whether you are just now being charged with these crimes or have already had a solicitation or prostitution charge dropped, we can help you. In the case of a new charge, we can help you to work out your defense. In the case of a charge that has already been dropped, we can work with you to determine if you need to get the arrest expunged. In both cases, we can help you to fight against the sex-related charges so that you can try to keep your reputation intact.